Tefi Valenzuela Says Goodbye To The House Of The Famous

Tefi Valenzuela Says Goodbye To The House Of The Famous

Tefi Valenzuela became the first expelled from La Casa de los Famosos and thus said goodbye to her companions after a week of confinement

The expulsion stage began in La Casa de los Famosos and the first star to leave was Tefi Valenzuela, who spent a week at the house and apparently the fans of the Telemundo reality show are pleased with the departure of Eleazar Gómez’s ex, after an intense boot week.

The audience of La Casa de los Famosos decided to give Daniel Vargas another chance; Upon leaving, Tefi Valenzuela wore white fitted trousers and a top with which she showed off her cleavage and sculptural figure, also thanking the support of the public who voted for her.

"I’m nervous, I’m sad because I didn’t want to go out but things happen because of something," said Tefi Valenzuela with a crestfallen face; At home he managed to make friends with Kimberly Flores and Verónica Montes whom he said he will miss and made it clear that no one gets on badly with anyone.

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The ex of Eleazar Gómez learned that she was nominated by Gaby Spanic, Pablo Montero, Alicia Machado and Gisella Aboumrad , the model said that nothing changes and that she continues to respect and admire personalities like Gaby Spanic and Pablo Montero “I feel very grateful but at the same time sadness".

Upon leaving, those who were most affected were Verónica Monte and Kimberly Flores, who lived longer with the model, the two inhabitants mourned the departure of their friend, while the others celebrated that Daniel Vargas stayed in the house, it is said that many did not get along with the Peruvian singer.

The Casa de los Famosos has aroused controversy just a few days after its premiere, those in charge of turning on social networks were Kimberly Flores and Roberto Romano , despite being the wife of Edwin Luna, the model and actress flirted with the participant of the reality.

The above sparked rumors of infidelity and Edwin Luna’s reaction was not the best, apparently when Kimberly Flores leaves, he will face the will of the singer of La Trakalosa who is already called "the cuckold of the year" and he even makes jokes to the Regarding, how will it all end for Kimberly?