Meaning Of The Mexican National Anthem That Will Steal Your Heart

Meaning Of The Mexican National Anthem That Will Steal Your Heart

The Mexican national anthem is one of the most precious treasures of Mexicans and a beautiful song of the national symphony orchestra

The meaning of the Mexican national anthem that will surprise you, some know but most wonder where it came from and why they use those words that few understand but that everyone loves.

The Mexican National Anthem is one of the most precious treasures of Mexicans and a beautiful song of the national symphony orchestra that makes you feel the pride of the nation every time you listen to it.

Those responsible for the lyrics of the Mexican National Anthem since 1854 are Jaime Nunó and President Manuel Ávila Camacho, who in 1943 decreed the official use of the Mexican National Anthem, which means a symbol of homeland that warns about the importance of defending the country from any enemy.

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Meaning of the Mexican national anthem that will steal your heart. Pixabay

The Mexican anthem was born thanks to a contest called to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the battle of Tampico, the last confrontation against the Spanish Crown for Mexican territory, from this commemoration the lyrics of the poet Francisco González Bocanegra, born in San Luis Potosí, Mexico won , January 8, 1824.

The music was composed by the Spanish Jaime Nunó who was born outside of Mexico, in San Juan de las Abadesas, Gerona, Catalonia, Spain, September 8, 1824.

Complete lyrics of the Mexican National Anthem


Mexican to the war cry
Make ready the steel and the bridle;
And let the earth tremble in its centers
To the loud roar of the cannon.

Girdle Oh Homeland! your olive temples
Of peace the divine archangel,
That in heaven your eternal destiny
By the finger of God it was written.
But if I dare a strange enemy
Desecrate your soil with its plant,
Think Oh dear country! that heaven
With each son he gave you a soldier.

In bloody battles you saw them
For your love throbbing her breasts,
Drag serene shrapnel
And search for death or glory.
If the memory of ancient feats
Of your children inflame the mind,
The laurels of triumph your forehead
They will return immortal to adorn.

Like the lightning strike the oak
It collapses into the deep stream,
Discord defeated, powerless,
At the feet of the archangel he fell.
No more of your children the blood
It is spilled in the conflict of brothers;
Just find the steel in your hands
Who insulted your holy name.

Of the immortal warrior of Zempoala
The terrible sword defends you,
And holds his invincible arm
Your sacred tricolor banner.
He will be from the happy Mexican
In peace and in war the caudillo,
‘Cause he knew his guns of glitter
Circle the fields of honor.

War, war without truce to whoever tries
From the homeland stain the coats of arms!
War war! the patrios banners
Soak up the waves of blood.
War war! in the mountains, in the valley,
Horrific cannons thunder
And the sonic echoes resonate
With the voices of ¡Unión! Liberty!

Before, Fatherland, may your children be defenseless
Bend your neck under the yoke,
Your fields with blood are watered,
His foot is stamped on blood.
And your temples, palaces and towers
They collapse with a horrid roar,
And its ruins exist saying:
Of a thousand heroes the homeland was here.

Yes to the fight against the enemy host
The warrior trunk summons us,
From Iturbide the sacred flag
Mexicans! brave go on.
And serve the fierce bridles
The defeated carpet flags;
The laurels of triumph cast a shadow
In front of the brave champion.

Return haughty to the homelands
The warrior to tell his victory,
Flaunting palms of glory
That he knew how to conquer in the fight.
Their bloody laurels will become
In garlands of myrtles and roses,
That the love of daughters and wives
He also knows how to reward braves.

And the one that to the blow of burning shrapnel
Of the country in the aras succumbs,
You will get a tomb as a reward
Where the light shines with glory.
And from Iguala the beloved brand
To his bloody sword bound,
Of immortal laurel crowned
He will form the cross from his grave.

Homeland! Homeland! your children swear to you
Exhale in your sakes his breath,
If the clarion with its bellicose accent
Calls them to struggle with bravery.
Olive garlands for you!
A memory for them of glory!
A laurel for you of victory!
A grave for them of honor!