What does it mean to paint your nails white

What does it mean to paint your nails white

The white polish color is one of the most common, but wait for a meaning that you have to know before painting your nails with this tone.

If you are someone who loves to have her hands groomed, cared for and always spectacular, surely you have many enamels that are part of your collection, but do you know what each tone refers to? We tell you the meaning of painting your nails white, the perfect color for a woman and that you cannot miss on your dressing table, it is a polish that says a lot about you.

Just as your clothes say a lot about you, the shades of the enamels that you wear also reveal so much of your personality , know the meaning of painting your nails white, the perfect color if you want to dazzle whoever puts you in front of you, you will love what it refers to and you will want to have it available for your next manicure.

You have probably already tried many shades of enamels, you have already painted your nails pink, yellow, gray, red and even white, but do not forget that each color has a symbolism, so you should pay attention not to give a message wrong of your personality, this time we will focus on the white tone.

White enamel
Meaning of painting your nails white. Photo: Pexels.

All shades have a special meaning, when you like a color so much, it is because you see part of your personality reflected in it, so if you are a lover of white polish, we tell you what you are projecting when you bring your nails decorated with this color, so you will know what message and how others are perceiving you, Take note!

Many are the women who adore the white color because they consider that it looks elegant and also being a basic color, it combines with many of the other tones, so they resort to it for its simplicity and for being the most practical, but its meaning goes much further, the white on the nails is distinguished by its perfection, its balance and its sobriety.

White enamel means that you are a very elegant woman, who pays attention to details and likes to be a perfectionist with what happens around her, you do not like flaws, you want to have everything perfectly controlled, in terms of your image, you want to see yourself always divine, with style, without falling into the vulgar and see yourself as a doll, always beautiful and without losing glamor.

White enamel also means purity and innocence, so it also shows that you have a transparent soul and a very big heart, you like to help others, you are always willing to reach out to whoever needs it, you do not expect others to do the same for you, you only give selflessly and that makes you even more special.

If you paint your nails white, it means that you are a sweet person in love, you like the romantic, the cheesy, the attention, the dedication and the intensity, it also reveals that you are a gentle person, who likes to listen and that many times puts the well-being of the people around her or whom she loves first, before that of herself.