How To Choose A Good Avocado

How To Choose A Good Avocado

Family follow these recommendations and you will not hesitate to have the best in your hands

Surely you, man or woman, have ever faced the question at the supermarket, how do you know if this avocado is good ? And the fact is that the ripening process can take a few days after it is cut, the problem is that we almost always need it at that time and it is very sad to come home and that it is green.

How to choose a good avocado ? It is not a lot of science for some, but for others it is a challenge. This is a fruit that grows on large trees, endowed with a rich edible pulp with a pleasant flavor and that in several countries they use it to create sweet products and at least in Mexico it is known to accompany salty foods and make the traditional guacamole.

We could say that the best avocado is the one that is ripe, although in firm terms it can also be used, green is a bit bitter and if you eat it past it, it may not look good and even taste.

Ripe is better when consuming an avocado. Photo.Pixabay

They are fresh avocados after they serve their time on the tree and become one more variety of greengrocers, they will go from their well-known green color on the outside to almost black. It is this color that often confuses us when choosing it since that darkness does not always mean that it is perfect.

Experts point out that when we buy an avocado we must see that there are so many green parts, the darker it will be, the more ripe but the essential thing is to touch them, placing it in the palm of your hand and pressing with the tips of your fingers in this way you will not damage them and Something very good is to see the tip there, we notice if the interior is green, then it becomes yellow and finally brown.

GREEN : it will ripen in 4 to 5 days, you will feel it hard, that term is ideal for certain meals that you do not occupy at the moment.

FIRME is that it lacks 1 to 2 days for its maturation, they will feel soft but when opened it will be a bit difficult to remove the seed even though its pulp can be eaten.

Ripe ready and perfect for immediate consumption, you open it and the seed comes off easily.

PAST they will be very runny , they will have crushed parts that will turn dark, bad-looking and even taste, you should consider whether you eat them or not.

Now you know, follow these recommendations and you will not hesitate to have the best in your hands.