How to distribute the space in your bedroom

How to distribute the space in your bedroom

The bedrooms are a place for rest, where you have to respect sleep, but also a space for reading, here we tell you how to distribute the space

The bedroom is much more than the room where you rest. It is a temple of intimacy where relaxation is a priority to disconnect from day to day.

Its distribution is essential to achieve a comfortable, comfortable and serene place, which can be converted into a multifunctional space , where there is a corner as a personal refuge.

The interior designer Marisa Gallo has created a space in Casa Decor, easily transferable to a home, where new technologies and home automation provide a place to disconnect from the hectic pace of work, achieving, precisely, a relaxing environment with different scenes.

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"A space that recreates a cosmopolitan atmosphere, where lighting has an important presence to highlight each element of the furniture," explains Gallo. A space that is divided into three very marked areas: a rest area, an open dressing room and a spa bathroom.

Juan Pablo Naranjo, co-founder and creative director of Tediber (, assures that one of the things that influence our rest is the organization of our room.

"Spaces can improve depending on the elements that make it up, but the fundamental thing is to be able to find peace and tranquility in order to feel clear and relaxed and, in that way, better sleep," they point out, pointing to the philosophy of feng -shui to get a good rest.

A philosophy that focuses on the placement of the bed as a vital axis for rest, so a harmonious place must be sought.

"This means that we have to place the bed in a place as far away as possible from doors and windows or exterior elements that may bother us," says Naranjo.

Wake up with energy

According to the Eastern tradition, if we sleep with our head towards the west, we will wake up with more energy, and if we do it towards the east, we will wake up much more relaxed.

The bedroom is an intimate space Photo: EFE

But they also recommend paying special attention to the mattress, which is undoubtedly another reason that marks the rest. Hence, the firm recommends changing it every ten years to maintain quality at night.

The symmetry in the bedroom will also be relevant when resting. If our bedroom tends to be symmetrical in terms of furniture, it will give balance to the people who rest in it and therefore it will be easier to fall asleep.

To achieve this balance, it is convenient "to use furniture of the same size and color, as well as the cushions that we normally put on the bed to respect the order of the room," says Naranjo.

In addition, we must avoid overloads in the decoration. We must try to organize the bedroom before going to sleep. "An orderly room is synonymous with an organized mind," explains the founder of Tediber.

Maintaining a warm and indirect light just before going to rest is more advisable than having all the lights on, a way to enter a warm and balanced living area.

We must also take into account the power of colors, as they have great power to influence our well-being, say these experts.

For them, soft tones help them to fall asleep easier and the most recommended are pastel ones, such as beige, blue or sand, while it is advisable to avoid aggressive colors such as red, orange or even intense yellows. .

One of the pieces that often goes unnoticed is the headboard. Finding the most comfortable for our needs and style is not always easy.

Deciding on the practical ones that include drawers or side shelves or the more exotic, or classic and soft, is not only a matter of decoration, it marks a lot of style and space.