New Years, New Resolutions

New Years, New Resolutions

The time has come to launch to fulfill the good resolutions that we all want to embrace with the New Year, which must always be acceptable to avoid frustrations

When a year comes to an end, a new one begins and taking stock of everything that has happened during the last 365 days is an increasingly common task, as is drawing up a list of purposes that are intended to be fulfilled, where happiness, food, exercise, health and love are the fundamental pillars.

As the song says, " New Year, New Life " and is that every time the earth goes around the sun, the calendar adds one year, which is equivalent to 365 new opportunities to take care of oneself.

Increase productivity and happiness

The good thing about making amendment purposes and personal balance is taking actions and attitudes to increase productivity and happiness, this is the proposal of the book "Being happy is your decision" (Ed. Grupo Planeta), by the authors Tal Ben-Shahar and Angus Ridgway, whose pages talk about how to rekindle a passion for life and achieve work and personal success.

We know that you have many plans to fulfill Photo: EFE

The book consists of three parts: in the first, the focus is directed to organizational science and positive psychology, in the second they deal with issues of health, concentration, relationships and purposes, and in the third, a series of practices are presented to change the undesirable habits and behaviors.

Specify the purpose and set the start date, as well as the periodicity of compliance
"The purpose of this book is to share what we have learned about the behaviors that make the best leaders who they are and how everyone can put these behaviors into practice through exploration and the scientific foundations of our company." the authors explain.

To achieve motivation in ourselves, fill a possible inner void and find meaning in life through relationships with others, the technical director of Origen (Psychology and Psychiatry Clinic), Pilar Conde, proposes intrinsic motivation, the "coaching" to find oneself.

The psychologist leaves these five keys for those people who already have their New Year’s resolutions in mind:

Set goals, define them and set a date: Specify the purpose and set a start date, as well as the periodicity of fulfillment, if it is a task.

Visualize your goal: If the purpose has been fulfilled, continue to push yourself. A specific failure is not a definitive failure, unless the rules are broken or reinvented according to one’s own convenience. Commitment to your goal will keep you in action.
Do not punish yourself if you fail: Positive emotions are what move us to action, so visualize yourself carrying out your goals and feeling the happiness of the purpose fulfilled.

Think positive: It will be difficult for you to achieve something if your general state is tinged with negativity. You have to learn to look inside yourself and use the tools that help you manage your relationship with the environment in a positive way.

Create habits to stay motivated: It is very difficult to stay motivated, so you do not have to trust yourself. The results we obtain will help us to remain optimistic and willing to persist in the effort.

Exercise more and stay motivated

For its part, the purpose of exercising more is one of the most repeated year after year, however, it is also one of the most unsuccessful in its achievement.

For those people who find it difficult to make an action plan with established objectives following a record, not losing motivation is one of the most important keys.

Listening to music while doing sports is a good solution for those who are lazy, and numerous studies claim that exercising with music improves sports performance and helps maintain a constant rhythm.

Exercise is a very important goal Photo: Freepik

On the other hand, it is important to see results so as not to give up, for which it is important to consume products and foods that help to enhance the effects of sport, among which two types of beverages stand out:

Skin Vitality by Beauty & Go is a drink that can be taken before, during or after exercising, since being formulated with pineapple, biloca gingko and guarana, it provides a boost of energy as well as helping to achieve a more vital skin , bright and with greater elasticity.

With Skin Detox by Beauty & Go, the skin recovers after a season of Christmas excesses, since it contains exclusive elements bioactive compounds such as spirulina algae, zinc, apple or artichoke and is designed to purify, stimulate metabolism and eliminate toxins .

In addition to drinking plenty of water, the key is to eat a variety of foods, spend time cooking, welcome natural foods, and avoid overusing processed and fast foods.

Eating five meals a day, cooking in a healthy way avoiding battered and fried foods, not overusing sugars, not exceeding amounts and including fish, fruit, vegetables and meat in the diet are the keys to taking care of yourself inside and out. off naturally.

And it is that the secret to fulfill all the purposes of the new year in a short period of time and, in this way, achieve a positive balance of 2019, the objectives must be concrete, easy to do, motivating and solvent.