Loving, Noble Women Attract Louts, Science Affirms

Loving, Noble Women Attract Louts, Science Affirms

Because you have a sensitive and noble heart, men who like to break hearts can easily come into your life.

There is bad news for the female sex who has a huge heart and who is always willing to give the best of herself in a relationship, since loving and noble women attract louts, says science.

If you are one of the people who has had many failed relationships and you feel that they do not value you, we have already found the reason for this situation, loving and noble women attract louts, says science.

When it comes to finding your soulmate, you must start an arduous search, although you can be wrong and end with a broken heart, even more so if you are a loving and noble woman, as you are more likely to attract louts, this is confirmed by science.

The louts look for loving and noble women to be able to manipulate them. Photo: Pexels.

André Solo is a philosopher who affirms that women who are more affectionate, sensitive and noble, are more likely to get involved with men who are the kings of jerkiness, this if we focus on that phrase "opposites attract".

Louts and narcissists use a double face, posing as tender and kind men in order to conquer the woman who has caught their attention.

For the above reasons, when they show the true face, many women do not understand what is happening with them, if they did not know them that way, although the number of narcissistic people in the world is low, with only 1%, nobody it is alien to you bumping into one.

The louts fixate on loving and noble women because they see in them someone they can manipulate with ease, while women will try to help them change.

If you are in a relationship and you suspect that your partner is a jerk, you should start to ask yourself and identify certain factors, for example, start by asking yourself if you really feel happy in this type of relationship.

Your friends are always on the lookout for you and will be there to give you advice and seek the best for you, so ask them for their perspective on your relationship and don’t set yourself up with false expectations.

When being with a partner, you should never allow them to control your life, although they are a relationship, each one has their own goals and plans and decisions that they have to make, they set limits.

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