In Yellow Dress Tania Ruiz Gives Chair Of Elegance

In Yellow Dress Tania Ruiz Gives Chair Of Elegance

Tania looks very fine with class and excellent style. Her fans say that she has more class than the seagull. Is it?

"You are a very elegant woman", the current sentimental partner of Enrique Peña Nieto wrote to Tania Ruiz Eichelmann, the model hardly uploads photos to her Instagram account, but there is one that her followers add every day and comment on how beautiful that you see with that elegant yellow dress.

A special design that they made for her to attend her sister’s wedding, this celebration was several weeks ago, but Tania’s beauty continues to give people something to talk about and some say that she teaches Angélica Rivera, the ex of his partner Peña Nieto.

Tania Ruiz, 33 years old, boasts a silhouette of envy, she is a woman who enjoys wonderful beauty, she manages to captivate everyone with each of her poses. It is on her Instagram account that she uploads some photos where she looks radiant, just like one of the last photos where she wears a yellow dress with wide sleeves, exclusive design of the talented Kathia Fontini.

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To publicly thank, Tania dedicated a nice message to her star designer: "What a talent the Mexican is! Wearing a dress from my great designer @kathiafontini. Thank you for my spectacular dress for my sister’s wedding.

I love you, admire and always appreciate your love, dedication and professionalism in all your creations! A joy to wear this unique design and so am I. Thank you very much! ", Ruiz posted." Thank you for doing us the honor my dearest @taniaruize, I love you very much this is your house, and enjoy the party, adored! ".

In an elegant yellow dress, Tania Ruiz teaches Angélica Rivera on how to have class. Photo: Instagram

The designer is happy that Tania and her family have adopted her as the lead designer for their outfits. After Tania posted the thank you message, kathia fontinile responds: "Thank you for doing us the honor my dear @taniaruize, I love you very much this is your home, and enjoy the party, adored!".

Through an interview that the designer of that impressive dress that made Tania Ruiz look like a queen told Quien magazine:

"I have been very lucky. On the subject of Tania, I am very happy because we have already dressed her several times, we like to do it, she looks very good in the dresses, she is a super cute girl and we feel super lucky to dress her again … for the wedding of his sister".

Even though Tania Ruiz has not posted new photos on her Instagram, she does share some Instagam stories where she gives an account of how to exercise to maintain that perfect figure that she has and that makes her the queen of the catwalks. Tania is a beautiful slim woman with a pretty face who has been on the cover of several international magazines.

Its designer mentioned to the same magazine Quien, that Tania loves to highlight her shoulders, due to her very thinness, and that both designed the dress and managed to make an impact when wearing it. "Tania and I talked that because of her body structure, which is very thin, she loves to highlight her shoulders, wearing a lot of volume. We made her two dresses, both yellow, one very low-cut and this one with sleeves with a lot of volume. Together we put together that enhancement, "Kathia explained to Quien magazine in an exclusive interview.

Tania looks very fine with class and excellent style. Her fans say that she has more class than the seagull. Is it?