Irina Baeva In Top Shows Mini Waist Better Than Geraldine Bazán

Irina Baeva In Top Shows Mini Waist Better Than Geraldine Bazán

The Russian beauty prevails over the Mexican beauty, Irina Baeva boasts her super toned abdomen, but Geraldine Bazán is not far behind.

The Russian beauty is not questioned, because Gabriel Soto’s girlfriend has shown glamor and bearing, Irina Baeva in a top shows a mini waist better than Geraldine Bazán, her followers say that she looks like a fairy tale doll, she looks beautiful.

The rivalry between them continues, although not directly, since it is their fans who continue to compare and give them the crown of who is more sophisticated, while that happens Irina Baeva in a top shows a mini waist better than Geraldine Bazán.

They are both beautiful and in their Instagram profile it can be seen that they have a figure of Goddesses and that they also strive in exercise and good nutrition to maintain that silhouette that is envied by many women who follow them.

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The Russian model does not stop surprising her 28-year-old more than 3 million followers on Instagram, she is very active and often posts selfies that leave everyone captivated, especially her Mexican beau Gabriel Soto, who goes out of his way in compliments.

Recent shared a photo where she wears a purple top and white sports pants with which she set out to exercise and maintain her fitness life, but how thin she is, she has a toned abdomen and a mini waist.

Go that exercise and good nutrition do give results and to show Irina Baeva, who openly and without hiding anything, teaches that she has a steel abdomen, flat and without the famous fish markets, she has a waist of envy, she looks like a doll.

If you want to see Irina Baeva showing off her top and mini waist, click here.

Her rival and mother of her now boyfriend’s daughters, Geraldine Bazán, is not far behind, since she also shares photos on her Instagram account, not exercising or wearing sportswear, but wearing a swimsuit and enjoying the sea, her favorite place .

It is there where you can see that she also has a mini waistband that she boasts and maintains with pride at 37 years old, and although she no longer has the youth of Irina Baeva, she has also known how to take care of herself and is one of the most beautiful single moms in the show.

Although the years do not pass without leaving an invoice, Geraldine Bazán herself revealed a couple of weeks ago that after two pregnancies and over the years, the abdomen begins to flaccid, so she undergoes some treatments.

But those treatments that Gabriel Soto’s ex undergoes do work, since in her snapshots you can notice a flat stomach, without love handles and also she looks dazzling, nor does it seem that she is almost 10 years older than the model Russian.

If you want to see Geraldine Bazán showing off a mini waist like Irina, click here.

The two overflow with beauty and charm on their respective Instagram profiles, their fans continue to defend them and they continue to impress and continue to impress and give something to talk about with that demeanor they handle.