Geraldine Bazán Teaches Irina How To Be A Lady In A Swimsuit

Geraldine Bazán Teaches Irina How To Be A Lady In A Swimsuit

In the latest posts by Irina Baeva, she can be seen in a swimsuit and more daring than ever, but Geraldine Bazán teaches her how to wear a swimsuit and keep the class.

One of the places that the Russian was amazed when she stepped on Mexican lands, were the beaches, the perfect place to model her swimsuits, but who has given her tremendous fashion lessons in the Sun and the sand, has been her rival of loves, Geraldine Bazán scrubs Irina Baeva how to be a classy lady in a swimsuit without teaching too much.

When entering the model’s official Instagram, you can immediately notice that she is a tanning lover and that she enjoys dressing her collection of beachwear, shares photos and photos where her statuesque figure looks, but who does not want to be left behind is the Gabriel Soto’s ex, Geraldine Bazán scrubs Irina Baeva on how to be a classy lady in a swimsuit.

It is no secret to anyone that Irina Baeva is one of the most charming faces and figures on the screen today, that is why she does well whatever she decides to wear and wear, she can afford to wear a ball gown and look radiant, as well as put on a swimsuit and make hearts beat, although Geraldine Bazán at 38 years old does not ask for anything.

Geraldine Bazán
Geraldine Bazán scrubs Irina Baeva on how to be a classy lady in a swimsuit. Photo: Instagram.

There are many photos with which Irina Baeva dazzles her more than 3 million Instagram followers, especially she turns on the platform when she wears her swimsuits that leave nothing to the imagination, because the Russian likes the daring and does not stop before Nothing, besides knowing that she looks gorgeous and Gabriel Soto doesn’t mind at all, on the contrary, he is the first to fill her with compliments.

Recently she has been seen with a two-piece swimsuit in animal print style, she has also worn a tiny crossover swimsuit and even with a mustard sports set and top, all of which show her attributes, a flat stomach with squares, a waistband and some Heart attack curves like a whole barbie, but the one that has enchanted the most is a green swimsuit.

She decided to cover this green swimsuit a bit with a white blouse that she used as a top with a knot, something very modern that she improvised. In addition to wearing a hat to cover herself and her dark glasses, posing as flirtatious and daring, this photograph undoubtedly earned hundreds of likes and compliments from her followers.

And although many are happy with the fact that the Russian shows her curves in this way, others say that she has only dedicated herself to taking photos in a swimsuit as a way to earn many likes, but who has ended up giving her a class of How to look impressive in these clothes without losing elegance, glamor, style and without showing too much, is Geraldine Bazán.

The Mexican also loves to dress in a bathing suit and enjoy the tranquility of the sea, but she looks for much more colorful, cheerful and not so small looks, because although she feels very young and looks beautiful, she does not forget the class and the demands of a A lady at almost 38, she has made it clear now that she has stepped back on Miami and looks sensational.

Doña Rosalba Ortiz’s daughter decided to take a break and wear a two-piece swimsuit in a brown tone, a sober color, but if something copied the Russian, it was the hat and sunglasses, since the actress from "Por Amar Sin Ley" could not miss in her beach outfit, smiling, sending kisses, without makeup and natural, it is how Geraldine Bazán continues to be the shadow of Irina Baeva, her fans defend each one.