Rituals with colored candles to purify the environment of your home

Rituals with colored candles to purify the environment of your home

We share the most effective and powerful rituals to purify the environment of your home, in addition to generating harmony and peace in the family

Suddenly the house feels heavy, you don’t want to arrive, you prefer to be on the street than your room because you feel somewhat uncomfortable, but you don’t know what it is. It is about the accumulation of low energies that are damaging the environment of your home , and affects your attitude and mood.

When negative energies are present, many fights, meaningless arguments, money are not enough and it seems that things are not going well in the couple’s relationship, if you have detected one of these characteristics of bad vibes, we share the rituals powerful to ward off everything that is causing these evils.

Being about rituals with colored candles, each of them represents a special request, take note of those that As a Couple share with you and remove all that bad energy that does not allow love, abundance and peace to reign in your home.

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Rituals with colored candles to purify the atmosphere of your home. Photo: Pexels

White candle ritual

The white candle helps you to find the path of inner peace again, try to light it with glasses of water or glasses, this makes the environment purify. Family members will notice that there is an indescribable calm, ask your guardian angel to manifest taking care of and protecting your home with the light of the white candle. It is a simple ritual that you can do any day of the week.

Ritual with red candle

The red candle helps you to be more united with your partner and that there is strength and good communication. It is ideal for couples experiencing poor communication or estrangement problems.

Another of the powers that the red candle has is that it is ideal when there are requests for a person to heal from any disease, it is excellent to protect against accidents. When there is a trip in your life, entrust yourself to God with a red light.

What you have to do is turn it on at home very early so that it is harmonizing everything for 12 hours. Do not forget to make your requests clearly and always thanking God

Blue candle ritual

If there are problems of little faith, that you no longer know who to entrust yourself to for so many problems you have, light a blue candle in the center of your table and with your hands together at the height of your chest, ask why all the members of your family have more spirituality that your thoughts are positive.

It is a powerful candle that helps clear your mind and solve problems calmly and accurately.