Eugenio Derbez: My Children Don’t Want To Be With Me At Christmas

Eugenio Derbez: My Children Don't Want To Be With Me At Christmas

The famous comedian confessed why his older children do not want to receive Christmas at their side

The Christmas holidays lend themselves to families being united and spending time together, however for Eugenio Derbez things tend to get complicated during this time since he has just confessed that his children like to spend Christmas with him.

The Mexican comedian mentioned that he is not only fascinated by decorating his home with the Christmas tree, but even disguises himself despite the fact that at first he was not to the liking of his wife, the singer Alessandra Rosaldo.

I am like a little boy, I love Christmas. I want to follow all the traditions, put up a tree, go to posadas and piñatas. Everything, but Alessandra zero. Fortunately I won the battle, he liked it and he is not so grinch anymore

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However, the comedian has not done very well with this obsession he has for Christmas, since it has generated many problems with his older children, who despite enjoying the holidays very much, prefer a much calmer celebration without having to follow an itinerary.

My children complain because, just like on trips I want to organize everything, at Christmas I am like: ‘Let’s see, let’s ask for an inn’ and they don’t want to because they are talking. I answer: ‘No, no, no, we are going to do it and now to dress up

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Although it is true that Eugenio’s older children spend the holidays with him, the producer recalled how difficult it is for him to get his ex-partners and mothers from Aislinn, Vadhir and José Eduardo to allow him to celebrate Christmas with him. So he had no choice but to recreate Christmas the day before to be able to live with them.

In separate families you have to choose whether with the father or with the mother … and there is always a quarrel. It can also be with my wife’s family or with my husband’s, and then Christmas becomes a fight, instead of a celebration … with four kids from different moms, I got to have my Christmas. I said: So much lawsuit for a dinner on the 24th? It’s four or five hours! In my house it is celebrated on the 23rd because I had my children with me happy and on the 24th they left with their mothers. Problem solved!

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Although the four children of the comedian are not very interested in Christmas, the one who did inherit the Christmas spirit from him is little Aitana Derbez, who a few days ago confessed that she loves this time of year, on her mother’s YouTube channel, Alessandra Rosaldo.

I like to put things on the tree and also cookies … Ahh yes and gifts