Daughter Of Lupillo Rivera Surprises With Her Figure, They Call Him Father-in-Law

Daughter Of Lupillo Rivera Surprises With Her Figure, They Call Him Father-in-Law

Anaya Rivera drew everyone’s attention for her voluptuous figure that was compared to that of the Kardashian sisters

In recent days Lupillo Rivera celebrated his daughter’s fifteen springs, however far from the excitement of the celebration, even the problems that exist between the young woman’s parents, there was something that caught everyone’s attention, especially the social networks.

Some photographs and videos of Lupita’s fifteen-year-old party were leaked, in which Anaya Rivera, a woman very close to the birthday girl, was the one who stole all the eyes of those present . She is the oldest daughter of the singer, and without a doubt she made everyone mention that Lupillo already smells like a father-in-law.

The girl decided to wear a truly fitted pink dress that marked her pronounced curves. Apart from everything, nobody expected that the daughter of the famous singer had such a body, since at her young age she shows off enviable hips and a rear guard worthy of a Kardashian.

Since the images of Anaya where she wore a tight dress, became famous on the net, netizens could not refrain from making various comments, where they flattered her beauty and especially her sensual curves, there were even some more daring who did some risque.

It should be noted that the fifteen-year-old party was quite a surprise, since the singer Lupillo Rivera, deceived his daughter Lupita in the good sense of the word, saying that he had supposedly planned a dinner for her and her friends, however no one knew that the reality was different.

Jenni Rivera’s brother was very excited, as he made known on his social networks.

Thank God for lending me this princess for almost 15 years. I loved seeing you this happy at your first party

Lupillo also clarified that he held this surprise party since due to work situations, he will not be able to be at his daughter’s official party, so he decided to make his own.