Irina Baeva Presents The Perfect Look To Go On A Trip

Irina Baeva Presents The Perfect Look To Go On A Trip

The beautiful Irina Baeva who is taking a vacation with Gabriel Soto in Jamaica showed off what she considers the perfect look for traveling: leggings, a blazer and a luxurious bag

It is no secret to anyone that Irina Baeva loves to travel , especially to the beach, since she considers it her favorite place, because it gives her peace and allows her to show off her statuesque body in beautiful bikinis and now that she is enjoying some A well deserved vacation in Jamaica , the beautiful Russian actress has mentioned what is the perfect look if you are going to be a tourist.

It was through her official Instagram account where the model shared a photograph showing her most fashionista side, it should be noted that Gabriel Soto’s fiancee has mentioned that she loves to follow trends and buy in the most exclusive fashion houses and luxurious in the world. Now with a luxurious bag and leggings Irina Baeva shows off her perfect look for traveling.

It is no secret that the protagonist of Bachelor with Daughters is a lover of designer bags, that is why they have to be present in her traveling outfit. On this occasion, she showed off a Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette bag with a green strap, as they come in several colors. She also wore a gray top and leggings, from the Alo brand. The Russian is in charge of the image of this clothing brand, since she frequently shares photographs where she wears her clothes and mentions that it is one of her favorites.

Irina Baeva with the perfect look to travel. Photo: Instagram

You can not miss your clothes in your yoga sessions. On the other hand, he wanted to accompany his sporty look and give it a more formal touch with a long three-quarter blazer, which have become the favorites in his wardrobe, since every time he has the opportunity, he does not hesitate to wear one. In fact, on many occasions he has modeled one, which is in different shades, the last time he was seen with one it was pink.

As her trademark has become, the pretty Russian wore her blonde bob hair with light brown streaks loose. The makeup was the most natural and she was wearing sunglasses.

It should be noted that Irina Baeva are enjoying a vacation in Jamaica, where they went to celebrate the actor’s birthday. It was on April 17 when the singer also blew 46 candles on his cake, however the tight work schedule prevented him from celebrating as he should. That is why, now that he left the recordings of the telenovela where Te Acuerdas de Mí was the protagonist, he took the opportunity to travel with his girlfriend to Jamaica.

According to what was published by Irina in her networks, that "late birthday" trip was her idea and her gift.

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