John Travolta Is In Mourning, His Nephew Passes Away And Sadness Invades Him

John Travolta Is In Mourning, His Nephew Passes Away And Sadness Invades Him

Jhohn continues to have family losses, first his son in 2009, then his wife in 2020 and now another relative dies, his heart is very sad, the actor lives a mourning that seems to have no end

It seems that the heart of actor John Travolta never ends his mourning, first his son dies in 2009, then his wife in 2020 and this same year he loses his nephew Sam, the son of his older brother.

Tragedy and sadness have haunted John Travolta, he has had several family losses that do not end to ease his heart, to understand the resignation when life takes another loved one, it is his nephew Sam.

Let us remember that when his son Jett died he suffered from epileptic seizures, he suffered from a disease called Kawasaki. This was too painful a loss for the actor. He still had not recovered when his wife Kelly Preston passed away over the years.

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John Travolta is in mourning, his nephew passes away and sadness invades him. Photo: EFE

The actor’s wife passed away from breast cancer. And the nephew named Sam passed away at age 52, he was found dead at his home in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, a truly heartbreaking scene.

John Travolta’s nephew belonged to Scientology, and Sam did not agree on some things, such as that this religion did not accept chemotherapies.

“Scientology almost killed me. It’s a psychological warfare, and after a while, it affects you. Things got so bad that I tried to jump off a bridge in Los Angeles in 2007, trying to commit suicide, "confessed Sam in one of the interviews he gave a long time ago.

Although so far the Travolta family has not commented on the matter, they have decided to live the duel in silence. So far the causes of Sam’s death have not been officially revealed.

What John did do is that on his Instagram social network he shared a tender photograph of his children when they were little he wrote next to the image: "My babies." The popular actor received almost two thousand comments.