WhatsApp Has Rival, Google Launches Messaging App It Works Without Internet!

WhatsApp Has Rival, Google Launches Messaging App It Works Without Internet!

Google does not want to be left behind and launches its own messaging application that is ready to dethrone WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has a rival, Google launches messaging application that works without internet , the latter comes to revolutionize the way we communicate with our loved ones, let’s learn more about this new invention.

If WhatsApp enjoys something, it is incredibly practical, that is why it has millions of users, but now it has been presented with a new rival, Google launches a messaging application that works without internet , it is impressive.

Google has decided not to be left behind and is now launching a messaging application that comes to compete with WhatsApp, the one recently incorporated into Facebook, its greatest attraction and novelty is that it works without internet.

WhatsApp has a rival
Google launches RCS, WhatsApp’s new rival. Photo: Freepik.

Through WhatsApp you can send photos, videos, audios, voice notes, stickers and gifs, a very complete application, so although there are other apps that allow you to do the same, they have not managed to take the place away from it.

But everything is heading for a possible change, as Google has decided to venture into messaging applications and wants to be a rival to WhatsApp, which is why it has created and launched RCS.

Although many have only taken it as an improvement to their message application that Google had been handling, others say that RCS has completely changed this function, since it brings many new features.

The Google RCS application will allow you to send photos, make video calls, send videos, gifs, share your location and attach documents, the same as you can do on WhatsApp, so you may wonder what is new?

Well, the plus that Google’s RCS application offers and with which it wants to become a rival with WhatsApp, is that it will allow you to do all of the above without having to be connected to the internet, it would be wonderful.

Although they are still doing tests, this RCS application is already underpinning to be one of the most used by users and to be the main and only rival of WhatsApp, we will see what it achieves.

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