Kimberly Loaiza Changes Her Look This 2020 And Juan De Dios Helps Her

Kimberly Loaiza Changes Her Look This 2020 And Juan De Dios Helps Her

An image says more than a thousand words, Juan de Dios Pantoja washes Kimberly Loaiza’s hair, CHANGE YOUR LOOK!

After staying as number one on spotify, the older cutie Kimberly Loaiza shares with her followers that she has changed her look, and that it is Juan de Dios Pantoja who helps her wash her head. The success of this couple lies in those little details that have driven millions of followers crazy

Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja enjoy unique moments with their daughter Kima , as shown in a postcard he shared on Instagram, they see that they started the year with a trip to the beach in Acapulco, Guerrero. Now this couple surprises with a Kimberly look change, but the question of how it was still remains.

In the Instagram stories you can see how Kimberly is bent with her head in the sink , and Juan de Dios helps her by washing her hair. It is known that she has painted her hair because it was she herself who posted what was happening.

Kimberly changes her look and Juan de Dios Pantoja helps her. Photo: Pixabay

This image was accompanied by a series of videos where his fans happily sing the song "Jealous". Recall that the older beauty launched the call for her followers to send their videos singing the song and she would publish them on her account.

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Happy 2020 cuties, we start the year in the best way, enjoying family moments ❤️

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Kimberly is overjoyed at having reached her first million listeners and sends a beautiful message: OMG LINDURAS my first million listeners on @spotify we are still on the cover of TOP VIRAL thanks @spotifymx and thanks to all of you for your support cute me happy, more than 50 million reproductions of the official video, I can not believe it, it is incredible what is happening with #NoSeasCelos keep uploading your videos with the song to share them I LOVE YOU !!.

Millions of followers are still waiting to know how Kimberly Loaiza was with her new look, it will undoubtedly surprise!

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