Sugar And Honey The Scrub That Leaves You Skin Soft And Sexy

Sugar And Honey The Scrub That Leaves You Skin Soft And Sexy

Take the opportunity to exfoliate your skin with your partner with sugar and honey. Show off smooth and sexy skin

This type of sugar scrubs with honey is ideal for couples who are about to get married, it is giving themselves a good gift, there are those who do it thinking about the couple, but it is recommended that it be done thinking about you, only about you and your body .

The beauty of the skin is your own responsibility , it is to give you the opportunity to pamper your whole body, the mere fact of exfoliating your skin every week, helps the cells to regenerate and that the impurities of the skin are much less .

Honey is capable of regenerating cells. Photo: Pixabay

Show off a smooth and healthy skin, it is possible with sugar and honey. In a Relationship he recommends the best way to do it , as you can do it with your partner. Both will enjoy a unique and incomparable experience. Your skin and their skin deserve it!

Easter is approaching and there is nothing better than showing off a skin full of vitality, clean, so take note of how you are going to do it and start now!

Ingredients for skin exfoliation:

You need warm water, sugar (enough), a saucepan with honey. Towels and friendly hands, these can be those of your partner or those of someone you trust. First you have to take a normal bath, use the soap you want.

Once you have dry skin, start by lying down (preferably use some sheets that you know you have to wash as soon as the exfoliation is finished). Ask your partner to put some honey on his hands, and to take a handful of sugar and fission it to spread it on your body.

For a better distribution, start with the face and neck, then move to the chest, legs and so you go little by little, until you reach the back.

NOTE: When finished, cleanse your body with lukewarm water and let the skin dry on its own.

It is very important that you go making circles, and take the honey you need along with the sugar, the exfoliation massage as a couple is the best they can do. This takes time and patience, so take your time.

Maybe it can only be a part of the body, some couples start with the buttocks and the crotch, as a result you will obtain a softness in the skin, clean of impurities.