What Are The Children Left By Christian Bach Do Today

What Are The Children Left By Christian Bach Do Today

A year has passed since Christian Bach left this world, and his husband Humberto Zurita is the person closest to his children Sebastián and Emiliano Zurita

Behind good men there are always wonderful women and that can be highlighted in Emiliano and Sebastián Zurita, the two children left by Christian Bach, proving to be more independent and professional every day.

For more than 30 years the actors Humberto Zurita and Christian Bach were united in marriage until her departure in February 2010, he and his children remember her daily, highlighting the latter with their beauty.

Sebastián and Emiliano, the handsome sons of Christian Bach, definitely inherited many of their features, but above all, the actress formed two gentlemanly and respectful men who continue on their way, reaping successes.

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All this feelings Buried in a smile All the this moments Filing in the past Hoping to hope Hoping to dream of a time Where her arms would hold me tight Hunting down the heart that has been broken hiding in the dark Just to feel somewhat alive Don ‘ t want to bury What I’m really like I thought it was time to share some of the things that I write.

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Bach always wanted her family to be united so much that on the day of her death it was, they said goodbye to her and let her leave in total secrecy as she requested, announcing the death to the public days later.

Sebastian Zurita

He is the eldest son of the Zurita Bach marriage today, 33 years old, who has played several characters on television and in the cinema, "How to survive single" is a series that practically talks about events in his life.

This project is produced by him with his brother and it was a job that his mother did not see finished but if she gave him the go-ahead to do it, she was proud of her children, Sebastián’s life on screen is something that many would like to see.

Emiliano Zurita

The handsome young man is 26 years old, he maintains a relationship with the actress Ela Velden and of course also inclined to follow in the footsteps of his parents. In acting, his most recent work opens this November 19 called "The dance of 41" .

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@ elbailedelos41 November 19.

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This film talks about one of the darkest episodes of the Porfiriato, Sebastián has the role of the lover Ignacio de la Torre y Mier, son-in-law of former Mexican president Porfirio Díaz, with a look of the time a peculiar mustache with which he looks a lot like his father.

Humberto Zurita

The father of the talented brothers continues his life, but without a doubt the departure of his wife, his partner and friend has been extremely difficult for him, he has faced all this in the best way, especially remembering her daily.

Christian Bach continues to be an example woman for many people, who always demonstrated professionalism, looked elegant and above all tried to separate her private life from the public eye by putting her family first, she will be forever remembered.