Exfoliating Your Skin With Salt Helps Keep It Healthy

Exfoliating Your Skin With Salt Helps Keep It Healthy

Many fear salt, however it has properties that when exfoliating your skin help keep it healthy

Nothing like exfoliating your skin with salt , if you want to maintain healthy skin, start by cleaning your skin little by little and you will notice that even acne begins to disappear.

When you exfoliate your skin with salt, you make it look clean, without impurities and also remove the dead cells that accumulate in your body.

When you think of exfoliating, the first thing you think of is the skin of the face, however this recommendation and homemade recipe can be applied throughout your body.

Salt grains with acid to exfoliate your skin. Photo: Pixabay

Let’s get started! We present you the benefits and how you should use salt to exfoliate your skin and keep it healthy.

Eliminate acne

This is a reality, since the salt removes the excess oil that your skin generates, keeping it dry and free of what causes you to have acne.

Salt for all skin types

If you have doubts about what types of skin it is important to apply it to, we have good news for you, salt is good for ALL skin types, what you have to take care of is that you do not do it as often, that is, according to experts it is recommended that you exfoliate your skin every fortnight.

How to use salt

Although cool water is beneficial, many prefer to exfoliate with warm water, it also helps open pores and salt water cleansing is more effective. So it’s a matter of taste and how your skin problem is.

It is recommended that you put warm water in a tub and immerse yourself, stay there, gently scrubbing your skin with salt water, as for the amount of salt you should use, you can start with a quarter of salt, pour it into the water and that’s it.

Salt with oil.

This exfoliation is extraordinary, you can use an almond or olive oil, mix it with salt and begin to massage your whole body, take your time, ask them to help you exfoliate the part of the back, neck and all your skin, you will immediately notice the benefits.

Using salt on the skin is giving you an extra gift to recover the iodine and calcium that is lost. The moment you use the salt, you recover and balance the epidermis.