They Call Edwin Luna Cuckold Of The Year And He Defends Her

They Call Edwin Luna Cuckold Of The Year And He Defends Her

Kimberly Flores has entered the house of celebrities a reallity similar to Big Brother, and he walks around the house with a floss thong, they say that Edwin is crazy with all this, but he sends a strong message

Since the premiere of the program "The house of the famous", the name of Kimberly Flores and Edwin Luna reverberates everywhere and it is that the Guatemalan, despite having a peculiar entrance to the house where she almost fell and with a cleavage, it is said that the marriage of these two characters is at stake, after they released the first images of his wife in dental floss.

There are many who are criticizing Edwin Luna, they say that he should never have allowed his wife to enter, because of the reputation he has in the eyes of the fans, many say they doubt that they will continue so well when this program ends, since also Kimberly is said to have been flirting with a celebrity inside the house.

When Kimberly entered the house, users noticed that Edwin Luna, in addition to looking sad and a little disoriented or confused, that even his mask falls off. He does not seem to be the same, in fact they say that his face has nothing to do with the one he projects on his social networks, "It looks strange", they began to write to the leader and singer of the band "La trakalosa de Monterrey".

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In his Instagram account Edwin boasts how he spends his days without his beloved Guatemalan wife, but the reaction of the haters seems like a pitched war, they do not stop criticizing him and calling him the cuckold of the year. Cruel and strong messages received Edwin Luna, they even tell him that it is possible that his wife will resume her old job, after she also launched her only fans.

The other danger for which they believe that Edwin Luna’s marriage could falter is that Kimberly has been very close to the actor Roberto Romano, she even touches his face. This has unleashed the madness among the haters and fans of Edwin, they say "Oh my penis, Oh my penis". "Your life is a circus where admission is free", While you take care of him, he blessed that hot one with another ", of this level and much more they write to Edwin on his Instagram account.

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Edwin Uploaded a small video on his Instagram account to publicize how he is having without his wife, he said that he had to organize himself because he has to reconcile his with his wife’s turn, and that one of the tips that Kimberly gave her is that she stressed us out. And the first day he said he missed her when she was in the gym, since she is the one who cheers for him to finish his routines.

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"I got off the stairs because I felt a little tired, my wife would not have let me rest, she was always there saying, pray to him, pray to him, you are just starting and so on", and ended with a message:

"I already realized the tactics that they are using there in the house, they want to conquer me one or another, but they do not know what my wife is like, get abused because they can get the shot backwards."