Omar Chaparro Confirms Being Positive For Coronavirus

Omar Chaparro Confirms Being Positive For Coronavirus

New positive cases of covid-19 appear on Televisa and one of them is the driver Omar Chaparro who confirms it on instagram

Millions of people have been affected by the corornvirus pandemic and now that many of the activities of the artistic medium have resumed, some have tested positive despite the protocols that each company has.

A few days ago it would have been the same company Televisa who confirmed that seven people of his talent and staff had tested positive for covid-19, it was not specified who they were but now we know that the actor and driver Omar Chaparro is one of them.

It was said that among the positives were people who work in the program Who is the Mask? which is led by Omar Chaparro, through his social networks I confirm to be positive and to be well waiting for that virus to leave his body.

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Omar Chaparro confirms to be positive for coronavirus. Photo: Instagram

He shared on his Instagram account a photograph in which another of his passions appears relaxed on top of a motorcycle, although of course the image is not affected, it describes how he is at this moment.

"Recovering satisfactorily from this incisive bug, thank you for all your displays of affection and affection, please take good care of yourselves, if you are going to leave your houses use the mouth cover, if you are going to do crazy things on the motorcycle use the helmet", wrote Chaparro .

So far it is not known if someone else in his family would be infected, remember that everyone lives in the United States while the program is recorded in Mexico, as we know this virus manifests itself with mild symptoms and even without them.

The company made clear the safety and hygiene measures in the face of the coronavirus contingency, "In Televisa San Ángel, more than 150 COVID-19 tests are carried out every week to all the personnel involved in the productions, in order to be able to timely detect any possible contagion "

There are more than 9 my collaborators in the company and the contagion has been minimal, upon detection of one, they are channeled to the doctors who follow up, are subjected to isolation until they are free and can return.

Omar Chaparro received good vibes from his friends in the media and followers who filled him with messages on his social network, hoping this process does not happen to adults and he will soon rejoin his work.

One of the recent drivers who tested positive was Andrea Legarreta from the morning program TODAY, fortunately only she was infected in the forum and also at home, she spent a moment of anguish in the hostel before the detection of pneumonia but it did not happen to adults.

With faith and hope she was victorious and the virus no longer appears in her body this next week she returns to the program and despite incorporating the measures for everyone, they must continue despite the fact that there is up to three months of immunity to a new contagion.