Practical Tips To Avoid Dandruff In The Winter Season

Practical Tips To Avoid Dandruff In The Winter Season

We say goodbye to summer and hello to dandruff. That’s right, with winter, the problem of dandruff intensifies, and now it is a condition that must be dealt with, but do not worry, with these tips you will put an end to it

Dandruff is a problem that afflicts many people and it is common to use various hair treatments and home remedies to combat it; However, when temperatures drop, this problem increases, so this time we bring some practical tips to avoid dandruff this winter season.

Generally, the cold makes the symptoms worse because the skin dries, and therefore it is necessary to avoid some habits that damage the scalp, so it is suggested to put these basic tips into practice to prevent dandruff from appearing this winter season. , and incidentally you can improve their appearance and raise your self-esteem.

It is necessary to make it clear that hair care should vary depending on the climate. The problem of dandruff in winter is almost inevitable to hide, especially when wearing dark clothes because the problem becomes more evident; This is due to the fact that the hair is less hydrated, and therefore the flaking of the scalp is more intense. Here are these practical tips to avoid dandruff in the winter season.

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1. Don’t wear hats

This garment causes the fungus that causes dandruff to occur, this is because the hat is made of cotton or wool, therefore the temperature of the leather increases and the dandruff multiplies.

The dandruff problem intensifies with the cold. Photo: Freepik

2. Avoid using a dryer and baths with hot water

The dryer exposes the hair to such intense heat that what causes it to dry out, the same effect has when bathing is used hot water since, in addition to causing dandruff, it weakens the hair. Therefore, it is advisable not to use the dryer; Now that if its use is unavoidable, then make sure that it is not at a very high temperature; As for the water, the ideal is that it is not above body temperature.

3. Avoid exposing yourself to dry air

In some parts of the world, temperatures are so low that it is customary to use heating, both at home and in the office, therefore, the air around it dries up and this increases dryness on the skin, especially on leather. scalp. If the hair is dry and flaky, the use of heating should be avoided, or use a humidifier to eliminate the remains of dry air.

It is not impossible to have healthy and attractive hair all year round, all you need is to give it the necessary care with the appropriate treatments according to your hair type, and do not forget to protect it from temperature changes, which in this case aggravate the dandruff problem.