Momo Challenge Will Have A Horror Movie

Momo Challenge Will Have A Horror Movie

A year ago the Momo challenge went viral on WhatsApp and YouTube, now it is intended to make a horror movie of its history

About 12 months ago a game became the sensation of social networks but the fear of all parents who feared that their children would fall into that challenge. Apparently now a horror movie is being planned, inspired by the story of this viral challenge that was in the conversations of many users, via instant messaging last year, to be exact in July 2018.

In case you do not remember or do not know who Momo is , it was a "viral game" spread through WhatsApp chains in which it was based on having a conversation with an unknown contact, of which you could only see his terrifying photo of profile. In fact, no one knew who that person was who answered your questions or had a conversation with you because if you stopped answering him, Momo could get angry and make you disappear from the face of the earth.

In a short time, the legend of Momo became very popular among teenagers and children, especially on YouTube, who began to follow all the indications of this terrifying character, who ordered them to perform various challenges in order to execute dangerous deeds. That put his life at risk, it was even rumored that it incited suicide, facts that were later denied, but there were tragic consequences anyway.

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That is the story of Momo, who for a long time caused panic and monopolized social networks. Now it is intended to be the main theme of a horror movie, which will surely have more than one shivering in movie theaters. Those who intend to bring it to the big screen are Orion Picture who will work together with Vertigo Entertainment and Taka Ichise, so it is believed that the producer of It will be part of this horror film, according to what was published by Deadline.

It should be noted that the true story of the figure of Momo was born from a sculpture by the Japanese artist Keisuke Aiso, who at the time said that it was a woman with long hair who drew attention for not having a torso and peculiar eagle claws, which he named as Mother Bird. However this sculpture ended up in the garbage dump due to wear and tear.