Winter Is Coming And Tangerines Save Your Respiratory System

Winter Is Coming And Tangerines Save Your Respiratory System

Winter is cold and the human body must be reactivated and what better than eating mandarins, we share the benefits of this delicious fruit

Winter is coming and mandarins begin to be part of the main consumption in families, and with good reason because they are sources of vitamin C and this helps to strengthen your respiratory system. The mandarin contains 88% water.

The tangerine contains, in addition to water, a large amount of vitamins and minerals, its flavor is delicious, it is a fruit that the whole family can consume, it is considered the best source of citrus.

With winter come the cough, the flu, the cold, that is why the consumption of the mandarin is recommended, we give you the reasons and the benefits, starting with the fact that the mandarin is the carrier of a special anti-infectious action.

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Winter is coming and mandarins save your respiratory system. Photo: Pexels

Consuming mandarins helps you strengthen the respiratory system, is anti-infective and prevents diseases such as

Its perfect vitamin C to prevent colds and infections such as flu, colds and other types of infections. They raise the defenses in this winter and the airways are the first to suffer from sudden changes in temperature.

Consuming mandarins helps your immune system, the same vitamin C that helps reactivate cells and prevents aging of cells.

The vitamin C found in mandarins helps your body absorb the iron it needs, especially when iron deficiency anemia problems occur.

Iron can be found in foods like mussels and lentils. And you can even take iron supplement pills recommended by a doctor. It is recommended to take the iron with tangerine juice.

Tangerine juice is recommended for pregnant women because it is good for the vitamins and minerals it contains.

It is also recommended to take mandarin juice to those who exercise for several hours, this helps to recover liquids and minerals that are lost when exercising.

Consuming mandarins helps reduce uric acid. That is why pregnant women benefit from tangerines.