Lose Weight by Drinking Pineapple Peel Water on an Fasting

Lose Weight by Drinking Pineapple Peel Water on an Fasting

In addition to exercising and a diet that works for you, adding pineapple peel water on an empty stomach to start your day will help you lose weight.

To achieve that figure you want and stay in shape, it is important to have an excellent physical activation, also to eat a good diet, but lose weight by drinking pineapple peel water on an empty stomach , this drink has properties that will help you accelerate your metabolism and thus prevent that uncomfortable belly and little slices from continuing to increase.

This tropical fruit is exquisite, some of it is their favorite, but you should also know the great benefits that its cover gives, especially to achieve your ideal weight, lose weight by drinking pineapple peel water on an empty stomach, take advantage of the parts it offers you and do not throw it to the asura as it is normally done to enjoy only the most yellow.

Pineapple has Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E, it also contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, folic acid, minerals and is 86% water, but also in its shell it has many benefits that strengthen and help your body So next time you buy this tropical fruit, don’t throw away the peel.

pineapple peel water
Lose weight by drinking pineapple peel water on an empty stomach. Photo: Pixabay.

Pineapple as a fruit is very good at providing vitamins that strengthen your body, but its peel cannot remain without any value, on the contrary, it contains magnesium, bromelain and fiber, the second is the one that helps a better digestive function. that makes the peel a perfect ingredient to lose weight and lose that belly that many women do not like.

When you make water with the pineapple peel, you are activating its diuretic power, since it helps eliminate toxins that are of no use to your body, so it will facilitate weight loss, in addition to the fact that this drink has very low calories, In addition, the bromelain centered in the shell reduces the swelling and inflammation of the stomach.

Also, drinking pineapple peel water on an empty stomach improves digestion, above all they help to digest foods of animal origin that are heavy, reduce gas and have a laxative power avoiding constipation, preparing it is very simple, so Get the ingredients and make it, you will love the results if you drink it constantly.

Ingredients: To prepare this pineapple water you will need the main ingredient which is the peel of a pineapple, a liter of water and the slice of a cinnamon, avoid sweeteners such as sugar, do not contemplate it, just with cinnamon it You will add a little more flavor, but until then, you will see that it tastes delicious that way.

Preparation: Buy the pineapple and remove the peel, cut the inside into slices and store in the refrigerator, since we are only interested in the peel for this drink, wash it very well and place the liter of water in a container that you can put on the fire , Add the cinnamon and the rind that you have already washed, bring to a boil and then turn off and remove from the stove.

After you have boiled it, you are going to strain it to remove the peel of the pineapple and the cinnamon, let it cool and you will be able to drink it, just drink a glass of this water on an empty stomach and you will see the results, but do not forget that you must combine it with your exercise routine and a good diet.