Maribel Guardia Very Daring Shows Leg In Red Dress At 60 Years Old

Maribel Guardia Very Daring Shows Leg In Red Dress At 60 Years Old

The actress continues to raise sighs and take all the compliments of the gentlemen, just as she continues to be the envy of many women.

If we talk about beauty, the Costa Rican actress is not far behind, Maribel Guardia very daring shows her leg in a red dress at 60 years old , she has an exceptional and very well defined figure.

Who continues to be present as one of the most beautiful and cared for women in the middle of the show is the ex-partner of Joan Sebastian, as Maribel Guardia is still very daring and shows her leg in a red dress at 60 years old.

With the photographs she shares through her social networks, she has captivated thousands of her followers with that charisma and beauty that characterizes her, now Maribel Guardia has conquered very daring by showing her leg in a red dress.

Maribel guard
Maribel Guardia continues to impress with her beauty. Photo: Instagram.

Age is not a problem for Maribel Guardia, because at 60 she continues to look spectacular and this was demonstrated in a photograph she shared on her Instagram account where she showed her attributes.

In a sensual pose, the Costa Rican appears wearing a red dress, which had an opening in the leg, which revealed her contoured legs with which she conquered all her followers.

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Have a beautiful #Saturday #night #alegre I send you cuddles in the distance ❤️������

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Of course, her followers did not wait to fill her with comments of all kinds, flattering the beauty of the actress and the occasional proposal such as "marry me."

There is no doubt that Julián Figueroa’s mother continues to win hearts in her 60s, since if Maribel Guardia has worried about something, it is to maintain a healthy body with exercise and an established diet.

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Congratulations on the birth of faith and hope. May the birth of the Child God fill you with Blessings for all those you love. I love you #feliznavidad ����

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In an interview conducted months ago, Julián Figueroa confessed to being more jealous of his mother than of his wife, since Maribel Guardia continues to raise thousands of sighs among the gentlemen and that bothered him since he was a child, he said.

Undoubtedly, the Costa Rican knows how to generate controversy with her daring photographs that she takes, as on the occasion that she wanted to share her Christmas tree and ended up overshadowing it with her sensual figure.

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