Maribel’s Waist Opaque Guard To Joan Sebastian’s Ex

Maribel's Waist Opaque Guard To Joan Sebastian's Ex

Joan Sebastian had several women, the body and waist of Maribel Guardia is a monument that overshadows even Alina Espino, the ex-wife of the Mexican singer-songwriter

Five years ago on July 13, 2015, one of the most recognized singer-songwriters in Mexico left this world, who had women as a weakness, Maribel Guardia definitely overshadows the last wife of Joan Sebastian.

At 61, Maribel Guardia has a waist that not only overshadows Claudia Alina Espín, who was Joan Sebastian’s last partner, with whom she had two daughters, but also dozens of women who are half her age.

Joan Sebastian was surrounded by beautiful women all his life who were his inspiration, although he was known for his infidelities, he also had loves that made him parents, leaving eight heirs alive.

Maribel Guardia, because she is also from the artistic medium, is the one who is most recognized as an ex-partner, despite the fact that they were together for four years and had their son Julián, their relationship seemed so beautiful that their separation continues to weigh heavily on many. They drove to the end as friends.

Maribel Guaría’s waist overshadows Joan Sebastian’s ex. Photo: Instagram

The Costa Rican deserves all the admiration, despite the fact that she may have already made some aesthetic arrangements, definitely for years she has maintained a discipline in exercise and nutrition, thereby achieving an impactful waist and body.

As far as we know, Alina Espín and Joan Sebastian met 19 years before the singer-songwriter’s departure and from what is said, he would confess to a brother that she was the woman of his life and with whom he wanted to stay until his last days and that’s how it was. .

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Joana Marcelia and D’Yave Figueroa Espín are the daughters that this couple had together, it is through the Instagram account of the oldest that we have seen her mother that although she is very beautiful, the reality is that Maribel Guardia opaque her .

“And just one day before leaving … 19 years of the purest love were celebrated. Thank you for having taught us to love until the last second and for being with us every day. We love you more than anything in life. To heaven, daddy, your 3 loves, "wrote Joana Marcelia with a photo of her mother and father in the years of her departure.

Both women dedicate themselves to different things and although there is respect between the two, it is nice to see how their children get along wonderfully and that is something that Joan Sebastian sought, after them a woman named Zarelea Figueroa was born, who is unknown. her mother but she was recognized.