How To Activate Fat Burning Cells That Help You Lose Weight

How To Activate Fat Burning Cells That Help You Lose Weight

This is the correct way to activate fat burning cells that help you lose weight and look better by increasing your basal metabolism by burning and transforming body fat into energy.

Either for aesthetics or health, it is good to maintain the ideal weight and avoid obesity , since with it diseases and a poor quality of life can occur. The way to achieve this is by eating a healthy diet and exercising. However, there are some fat- burning cells that can help you lose weight , you just have to activate them, now how to do it?

In order to get rid of body fat, lose weight and look better, not only diet and exercise are enough, which is essential. There are many ‘cardio’ activities and strength exercises that can help you lose volume in a healthy way and be able to tone your body. Besides, the fat burning cells will help you lose weight, you just have to activate it.

The cells burn fat or brown fat is a type of fat that is responsible for producing heat. Babies are said to be born with a large amount of these fats to maintain temperature since they cannot move around much to keep warm. In adults they are found to a lesser extent.

Fat burning foods. Photo: Pexels

Unlike white fat, which is the one that tissues have in greater quantity, brown fat contains many mitochondria that are the engines with which calories are burned to produce heat. In addition, this fat increases the basal metabolism by burning and transforming normal body fat into energy.

There are foods that help you burn more fat , since they have thermogenic capacity, activate brown fat and stimulate heat production. Among these are hot pepper, for its active principle, tea, coffee for its caffeine content and ginger, which stimulates the nervous system, increasing thermogenesis and energy expenditure.

Also the consumption of apples and pears helps to contribute to activate brown fat, since it has a large amount of ursolic acid which is a compound that helps increase muscle mass and brown fat.

Exercise also activates those cells, the practice of physical activity whether aerobic, strength or high intensity. This helps reduce body fat and stimulates brown fat by the action of a protein, irisin, which has the ability to generate heat by transforming normal fat into brown fat.

Raising your heart rate burns fat. You must bear in mind that the heartbeat through sports favors the transport of blood and oxygen throughout the body, producing muscle contractions that release hormones, natriuretic peptides, which are responsible for activating brown fat.

In order to avoid many risks, it is extremely important to go to a professional who takes into account the conditions of the person to be able to tell them what type of activity they should carry out and how often, duration and intensity.

Rest. This also influences, it is something essential to lose weight. Melatonin is the hormone that intervenes in the sleep cycle, and by stimulating it, brown fat is activated. To maintain a good sleep routine, try not to have the lights on and use electronic devices at bedtime.