Blue Hair A Daring But Subtle Trend

Blue Hair A Daring But Subtle Trend

If you are looking for a totally renewed image, then blue hair is your ideal option to look radiant, fresh and youthful.

Your image and the care you give to your appearance speaks a lot about you, so you should pamper yourself with some changes in your look, blue hair is ideal for you, as it is a daring but subtle trend.

A makeover never hurts, so if you want something that goes very well with your style, go for a blue hair shade , a bold but subtle trend , so you are sure to love it.

Look authentic and with a unique style with a blue hair tone , start with your hair to give an image of freshness and full of vitality, so choose each one.

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The blue tone for your hair, not only has to go like this, it can be a great bluish black, or you can also bring your hair in pastel blue or with slightly dark highlights.

But if yours is to wear a much more daring look, then opt for a bluish black and give it light and contrast with some pale blue highlights, you will dazzle with your image.

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Ash blue will also make your hair look extraordinary, so don’t be afraid to dare to wear this shade on your hair, because it will really look amazing and everyone will envy your style.

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Give that blue color a twist, not only see it as a boring tone, you should know that you can make many combinations that will make your hair look very stylish and above all, you will be in trend.

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You can play with that blue tone in your hair, since it can go from a light blue to a bluish black or wear this tone only on the ends or with simple flashes of ash blue.

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Dyeing your hair blue is an option that you cannot rule out if you dare to do something new, it shows that pink is not only for girls, blue can also make you stand out anywhere.

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