Five Haircuts for Round Face

Five Haircuts for Round Face

The best tricks to make a round face look slimmer are haircuts, so take note and see which of these five cuts is the one that suits you best.

Every woman knows her weaknesses and strengths, and when she discovers that there is an area of ​​opportunity they put to work and seek solutions, especially when it comes to their beauty, today we will talk about the haircuts that favor girls with faces. round, so take note of the tricks that will undoubtedly look more beautiful than ever.

Women with round faces are very beautiful, but these cuts help them to better outline their face, and experts recommend five haircuts to elevate that beauty and especially if you want to create the illusion of longer features.

A change of look is always surprising, but what better way to do it and make you feel safe every time you look in the mirror. Take note of the following cuts that favor a round face. Are you ready?

Meg Rayan with layered cut.

Long and layered cut: Women who have a round face have the opportunity to have a cut in layers, the secret is that the layers must be made from the chin, the expert must draw a diagonal to give the appearance of face lengthening . A cut that can be done with medium to long hair.

Asymmetric cut: Experts say that any cut that is made asymmetrical is ideal to compensate for the roundness of the face, the cut that actresses with round faces use the most is the midi. This one is not that short, but it is not that long either. You show a side parting so your face won’t look round.

Asymmetrical Pixie: The pixie is great for girls who want novelty on their faces. The trick is that this cut must be a bit asymmetrical to give the effect of a profiled face. And have a bit of bangs on the side, believe it you will be surprised how your face looks.

Cuts with baby bangs: This type of cut in bangs makes your face look much softer, enhances your beauty more and always gives a flattering visual effect for round faces, it is a short bangs that does not bother the eyes.

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Bob cut : This cut you will love because it is the most recurrent for round faces. The cut is below the shoulders, and gives a balancing effect on your face, it helps to highlight only certain parts of your face because it covers the cheeks very well. It is ideal for all women, but those with round faces are the most benefited.