Nail Polish That Will Be A Trend In Spring

Nail Polish That Will Be A Trend In Spring

Show off your nails with incredible polishes that are a trend this spring, you will be fashionable and stylish, you will fall in love with these colors.

Fill your hands with color with these incredible colors, these are the nail polishes that will be a trend this spring, no longer use boring tones, better be fashionable with these recommendations.

It is time to show off a new style in your hands with these nail polishes that will be a trend in spring , you will enchant with these tones that are surprising and looking incredible.

Take advantage of these days of quarantine to try these nail polishes that will be a trend for spring, experiment with the colors and let yourself be conquered with these tones.

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Nail polishes that will be a trend in spring. Photo: Pixabay.

This spring comes to flood with colors and joy, so fresh tones and pastel tones are a trend in nail polish, so do not hesitate to bet on them to show off some charming nails.


This color is the perfect one to wear in spring, as it is a lively tone that illuminates its path, so don’t hesitate to take it with you this spring, you will love it so that your nails look incredible.

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This more to Pantone @pantone announced shortly for 2018. �� Ultra Violet 18-3838 �� Creative, imaginative, as Ultra Violet illuminates or walks that is yet to come. . We do @MilEsmaltesEUmDesafio we love to cor e já fomos procure in nossas caixinhas um Ultra Violet enamel to show for you. ↔️ Swipe and confirm some options to sweep in 2018 as every year. . Agora we don’t want to see you Ultra Violet enamels … �� Mark the tag #MilEsmaltesEUmDesafio. . All the photos will be posted on the @MilEsmaltesEUmDesafio page on 12/30. . We are eager to meet more various enamels of the Ultra Violet 18-3838 cor. . . . . . . #pantone # UltraViolet183838 #pantoneUltraViolet # pantone183838 #cordoano #coloroftheyear # cordoano2018 # coloroftheyear2018 #cordoano # me1dfase4 #desafio #roxo #purpura #esmalteroxo #esmaltepurpura

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Watermelon red

Red enamel is essential, because most women are fascinated by being a very striking color, in addition to being the color that goes well regardless of your skin tone, it is the most vibrant in spring.

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We take advantage of this spectacular #SistemaAcrilico to tell you 6 things, that perhaps you did not know, about red enamel ��:. . 1. Cleopatra and Nefertiti were fans of red enamel. Among the few shades that existed at that time is the striking red, which was the favorite of Cleopatra and Nefertiti. 2. Red varnish was used in China by distinguished women. As in Ancient Egypt, the most striking enamels also helped highlight the highest-ranking women in China, and red, again, appeared on the fingers of the most privileged. 3. The red enamel was one of the first on the market. In the 1920s, enamel gained greater prominence and the version that is known today appeared. Among the first shades of the product, he appreciated red, which was combined with red lipstick to create the look of Hollywood stars. 4. It was a hit with Hollywood stars. The famous are usually the initiators of beauty trends, whether it be hair, makeup or nails, and with the red polish it was no different. 5. The red was used to create the crescent design. Half-moon nail art was in fashion between the 1920s and 1940s and today the number of lovers of this style is striking. Currently it is used with various color combinations, but the initial version was to leave the entire nail red, the season’s favorite shade, and the concave part of the nail without polish. 6. The version with a glossy finish was a trend in the 90s. Dark enamels, characteristic of the grunge style, marked the 1990s, and red stood out among the devotees of enamels. But instead of appearing matte or creamy, the trend was for nails to sparkle to make the color look glamorous. Tell us, how much do you like this enamel shade? #Melaospa #Curiosities #Maracay #Aragua #ParqueAragua #Spa #Venezuela #Beauty #NailsLovers #Nails #Red enamel

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Blue cannot be absent this spring either, if you want your nails to conquer and dazzle, then get this polish that is also basic, so show off your hands with this impressive shade.

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Yellow is another of the colors that are trend in spring, and although some women do not like it because it is excessively flashy, it is the perfect tone that goes with your nails this season.

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• Guarujá, @blankacosmeticos ��. Ai, meu pai do céu! �� People, nem I credit that I have this cute na minha coleção! ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Ele tem um tom bem vibrant, chamativo! LOVE. �� I used three litters. But, maybe you will have some minor estivessem, duas would be enough! ?? �� ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #Blanka #Blankacosmeticos #mube #MubeEnamel

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