3 Oils To Care And Hydrate Your Hair And Skin

3 Oils To Care And Hydrate Your Hair And Skin

The oils not only smell delicious, they also do great things for your image, they bring changes for the better in your skin and in your hair, these three oils cannot be missing in your daily beauty routine.

These three oils to care for and hydrate your hair and skin cannot be missing from your dressing table and in your daily beautification process, we tell you how you should use them so that you see the benefits and look prettier, you can get them where they sell cosmetics or beauty products. beauty, its application is not complicated at all, you will love them.

1. Bergamot oil : This oil in the world of beauty is well accepted, since thanks to its properties, it is ideal for taking care of the skin, it is a natural antiseptic that helps heal wounds, relieve itching, control fat both on the face and on the hair, it controls the appearance of acne and helps to control dandruff and seborrhea.

To apply this bergamot oil, what you have to do is moisten a cotton swab with the oil and place it on the acne or the blemish that you want to control, you will leave it on overnight and the next day you will rinse perfectly, do not expose yourself to the sun with the oil on. For hair, you are only going to put a few drops in your daily shampoo.

Three oils to care for and hydrate your hair and skin. Photo: Pexels.

2. Grapeseed oil : This grapeseed oil is well known in the beauty world for its excellent properties, it also works perfect for massaging when you feel on the edge of stress, it works for skin care, for the face and body, a very complete product that is ideal for fighting wrinkles and promoting hair growth.

As if that were not enough, it also works to make eyelashes grow longer and thicker, accelerate the regeneration process, increase moisture levels and stop those acne problems and uncomfortable pimples that appear on the face. To use it you can place a few drops in your moisturizer or apply directly to the face, while in your hair put a little in your hands, heat it and place it on the scalp for 20 minutes, then rinse.

3. Chia oil: Chia seeds are also very well appreciated by the world of cosmetics, since transformed into oil, they provide hydration, favor skin care and help reduce wrinkles, when applying the oil on the skin they reinforce the protective barrier of the dermis, it is also perfect for dry skin.

You can apply chia oil on your knees, elbows, heels and stretch marks after taking a shower, while on your hair, you are going to first moisten your hair a little, then you are going to put the oil of Chia only on the ends or from half points down, so you will be able to hydrate it, you can do it at night or before taking a bath.