César Bono Hospitalized Emergency, Tremendous Scare!

César Bono Hospitalized Emergency, Tremendous Scare!

Known by characters like Frankie Rivers, César Bono has been hospitalized in an emergency, which has shocked the entire artistic medium immediately

One of the most recognized actors and comedians in Mexico, César Bono , has been hospitalized in an emergency. The news has shocked thousands of followers.

The world of entertainment is in a moment of suspense after it became known that César Bono has been admitted to an emergency hospital.

César Bono is one of the most beloved and recognized actors and comedians in all of Mexico, a country he has put on hold after it was announced that he was admitted to the hospital.

César Bono is known for his many characters, including the popular Frankie Rivers. Photo: Instagram

The news spread like water this afternoon and it was not for less, because César Bono, known by thousands of friendly characters and Mexican folklore, has been admitted to the hospital for an emergency, which has caused the public and the actor’s followers are puzzled.

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Bono, 69, had just finished one of the promotions of the Vecnos program, one of the most successful in his career when he began to feel physically ill. Given this, he was immediately transferred to the hospital. The admission of the actor to the hospital has caused a large part of the Mexican artistic environment to fall into concern.

Known by the new generations for giving life to the popular character of Frankie Rivers, from the television program Neighbors, of which he was giving a promotion when when he finished he began to feel bad, César Bono was admitted to the hospital and there was no news about his state of health for a long period of time until a few hours later.

Many hours later it was announced that César Bono has already left the hospital and that he will host a theater function of which he has been part for more than 12 years, in which he plays a caveman and has positioned himself as one of the most beloved plays by the Mexican public.

Fortunately, the scare did not pass to adults and César Bono is safe, it was only gastrointestinal problems, fortunately after the rumor had spread that the actor had suffered a cardiac arrest.

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