Mom Sent Him A Letter With Gift Masks Sweet Time!

Mom Sent Him A Letter With Gift Masks Sweet Time!

The love of a mother was demonstrated when she sewed cloth face covers for her daughter in the face of the coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic in the world has affected everyone in different ways, health, social, economic and more, but a mother will always worry about the well-being of her children and will do everything.

Viral has become the letter of a mother who sent her daughter herself that was accompanied by gift masks which she sewed herself, hoping with these to help her prevent the spread of covid-19 in the absence of supplies.

Inma Benedito is a Spanish journalist. Whoever received a package at home and what is her surprise was that it was from her mother, she opened it and saw that they were cloth masks made exclusively for her and with a great dedication.

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Spain is one of the countries that has been most affected by the coronavirus, leaving thousands of infected and deaths, also people have had to stay at home as long as possible and if they go out with the utmost protection and care for essential things.

The woman decided to share through her social networks the wonderful gift of her mother being for her a great act of love and without a doubt a little unusual case and a wonderful story in the midst of all this crisis.

My mother has sewed 10 masks for me and has sent them to me by mail from Murcia with a letter that has nothing to envy to the best Antena 3 series on interwar periods, wrote Inma Benedito

The letter is handwritten in handwriting where it reads that she did it with all her love and affection, in addition to telling her how she and her father in her town were spending these days of contingency attending to directions.

And something to highlight is the question that when will the day come when they will regain their freedom and will be able to go out to feel the wind? And honestly it is what is questioned in many parts of the world, life and the world changed completely.

Unfortunately, Spain is a country that has already reached 20 thousand deaths, they are still in mandatory quarantine and they hope the outlook is looking better, the coronavirus affects everyone and of different ages, although most will recover, it is a virus of easy contagion that has not yet been reached. has a vaccine to combat it.

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