Police Found Guilty of Killing George Floyd

Police Found Guilty of Killing George Floyd

After the verdict was given in court, family, friends and people who were at the forefront of the Black Lives Matters movement celebrated that they have given 40 years to the policeman who took the life of George Floyd

Justice finally came to George Floyd, who was assassinated by a policeman who used his brute force to let him perish on public roads in the United States. Now the relatives in tears and mixed emotions celebrate that the judge has found him guilty and it is possible that Derek Chauvin will sentence him to 40 years in prison.

Americans who were in the Black Lives Matters movement today celebrated that the cop who took George Floyd’s life has been found guilty. A fight against racism that grows stronger every day in the country.

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been convicted of three counts of murder in the George Floyd case. Recall that Derek used violence to subdue George Floyd to the point of suffocation, no matter how much help he asked, he never stopped taking his foot off his neck.

The jury spent several hours analyzing the evidence in the case and determined that there was sufficient evidence and found him guilty of murder and manslaughter for the death of George Floyd

The news has gone viral in the last hours, this has been a great step taken by American justice against the violence that is generated against African Americans, acts of racism grow every day in the United States, that is why that people take to the streets to celebrate the conviction of a man who unscrupulously took the life of George Floyd.

And immediately the order was given by the judge to revoke the bail he had requested long ago. Now he is detained and in custody, waiting to be sentenced, it is known that he can reach up to 40 years in prison.

The judge’s verdict was televised and everyone could tell when the judge made the decision, family members celebrated between screams and tears, mixed feelings were present when hearing justice for George.

And immediately one of the deceased’s brothers gave a statement about what the judge determined, said he feels calm: "Today, we can breathe again, I feel relieved, because today I will finally have the opportunity to sleep a little."

Justice arrives, but no one will be able to forget that May 25, 2020 when the former police officer took the life of an African American. Anti-racism activists continue to fight to lower violence statistics.