Reasons Why You Should Let Your Kids Scratch Your Walls

Reasons Why You Should Let Your Kids Scratch Your Walls

Children who scratch the walls, are they bad? Although they subtract a bit of aesthetics from your home, you should not scold them, you have to let them act but with limitations

For impatient parents and little empathic with their children, the fact that their walls are scratched is insulting and a good reason to punish them, however, this should never happen anymore, since in this process, there is a good point of background, and you should be able to see it.

Although it is true, everything must have a limit, nor can we allow our entire house to be "vandalized" since it somehow subtracts a bit of aesthetics from the home, so it is a permitted action but up to a certain point, since if you leave it, it will scratch even in the deepest corners.

Taking care of the house is an act of every day, we strive to make it look pretty, but you must understand that when your little one is scratching the walls, it does not mean that he is "at war" with you, he does not do it to bother you, The opposite is their way of expressing themselves and leaving their mark on this world, and it is not something that lasts forever, since after two years they stop doing so.

What happens to them then? When children begin to scratch the walls they are learning to develop skills and abilities, something to which the Cambridge Academy of Psychologists explains the following: “If your child scratches the walls it is not the end of the world. It may bother you a bit because of the bad appearance it generates, so we recommend setting up a space for them to play and express themselves ”.

Because children are very sensitive, you should not scold or raise your voice, it is your job as a parent to understand that it is part of an important exploratory process, and it is part of their growth. At this stage they are motivated to know more things and carry out new activities, so let it be, let it express itself, but at the same time teach them the rules with patience and love, so that they know well where they can do it and where not.

If you see that your children scratch the walls and even the furniture, include them in the cleaning, and as they grow, explain to them patiently why they should not do it in prohibited areas, talk to him and show him where he can give continuity to his artistic expression, instill in him rules and limits about home care and cleaning.

You can leave a single wall for your child to use as a kind of blackboard, that way you will continue to give him that freedom to express himself, something that will definitely thank you, and in the event that he does not obey your rules. Rest assured that it is a way to get your attention because you spend very little time with him, give yourself your space and coexist, it is for his healthy development.