Rituals To Fill Yourself With Energy On The Spring Equinox

Rituals To Fill Yourself With Energy On The Spring Equinox

Discover which are the most important rituals for you to fill yourself with energy, receive love and abundance during the equinox

As a couple, he shares some rituals that you can do to fill yourself with energy on this 2020 equinox, what is the equinox? These are the times of the year when the Sun is located in the plane of the celestial equator and spring makes its appearance.

The equinox indicates that it is the time to fill with positive energy everything that is born in nature, the colors and radiance of the sun, make human beings have a better consciousness and fill with energy.

To concentrate as much energy as possible we share the most effective rituals to achieve all the good in your life, it is time to ask for abundance. Take note and start taking these rituals into account for a full and positive life.

Rituals to receive energy at the equinox. Photo: Pixabay

The equinox will take place this March 21, the flowers welcome the heat, and nature meets an impressive life that radiates energy, which you can take advantage of for your benefit.

Ritual for love

Powerful ritual for love on the spring equinox. Photo: Pixabay

This is very simple but powerful, you must get a photo of the loved one, a red candle, a red rose, paper and a pen. You have to do this ritual at 12 o’clock on March 21, it is the point where the sun is highest and full of energy.

Write on the paper: "That guy (full name of the person), love me, look for me, that his eyes only want to see me, that his mouth only wants to kiss me and that in his thoughts I am always (write down your full name).

You leave this paper under the red candle, light it and place the flower aside as an offering to nature to give you love. You leave it like that until the red candle is consumed, in the end you throw everything to nature and thank mother nature and the sun for the powerful energy they have put into your ritual to achieve love.

Positive energy in you and your home

Changing furniture and plants in your home helps you have better energy. Photo: Pixabay

The first thing you have to do is that one day before (March 20), you must change the furniture in the place, wash curtains, sheets and above all clean the entire floor very well, shake well and ask Mother Nature to fill you with energy and abundance.

On March 21, with the house clean, you will place a glass of water on the windows, it will receive the energy from the sun, then at night you will spray it little by little in the corners of your house, at the entrance and always asking that everything you ask is always good for you and your family. The energies that will invade your home will be incredible.

Ritual so that you never lack money

After cleaning your house well and changing the furniture in the place, you must get 9 coins of the same denomination, these must be placed 3 at the door of your room, 3 at the entrance door and 3 at the exit door.

These must be placed at 1 in the morning of March 21, you will leave them until the 22, you withdraw them at 12 noon and these must be stored in a small bag or red handkerchief, there will be three bags, one you must always Bring in your bag and the other two should be put in strategic places in the house. Money will enter your life immediately.