The First Equinox This 2020 Will Be On March 19

The First Equinox This 2020 Will Be On March 19

During the spring equinox both day and night will last the same hours and it will be this March 19, 2020

This is one of the most anticipated days for those who rule part of their life over energies, the spring equinox arrives where both night and day last the same on Earth and it is special to charge you with good vibes.

It will be this March 19, 2020 when it arrives between the spring equinox, although it is officially March 21 when it is said that winter is leaving in this phenomenon, it reaches a transition for one of the most anticipated seasons.

This natural phenomenon is also known as the "March or autumnal equinox" and it is the first of the year since the second occurs in September, in the middle of the year the nights will be shorter.

The first equinox this 2020 will be on March 19. Photo: Pixabay

It is called equinox since its word comes from the Latin “aequinoctium” which means equal night, just what will happen this March 19 from 9:49 p.m., there are no more days or more nights, they will have the same hours for to enjoy.

Here the Sun is located in the plane of the celestial equator. The Sun reaches the zenith, which is the highest point in the sky in relation to the observer, which is just above his head, which is why people go out to charge themselves with energy when spring enters, there are those who do some rituals.

To welcome spring is to receive the shining sun, green trees, flowers and honestly it is one of the seasons that is most enjoyed, the weather is not as hot as when winter arrives.

In the northern hemisphere, where Mexico is located, winter comes to an end and spring begins and ends on June 20, 2020 with the summer solstice, appreciating these natural phenomena is extraordinary.

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