Maribel Guardia Wears Dirty Gucci Sneakers Of Almost 30 Thousand Pesos

Maribel Guardia Wears Dirty Gucci Sneakers Of Almost 30 Thousand Pesos

Not only did she highlight her beauty in the photograph she uploaded to instagram, Maribel Guardia showed that she can afford to wear almost 30 thousand pesos tennis shoes like the ‘dirty’ Gucci

The beauty of the Costa Rican Maribel Guardia has always been admired, who at 61 years of age continues to show that age is just a number and enjoys indulging in dressing; he wears the famous dirty Gucci tennis shoes for almost 30 thousand pesos.

The actress and singer daily surprises her followers on social networks with special photographs where her sculptural body stands out, but what caught our attention today were the very expensive Gucci sneakers with crystals that she used.

While many maintain their impeccable tennis shoes and avoid deteriorating them at all costs, the prestigious Gucci brand launched a collection of ‘dirty’ sneakers, Maribel Guardia wears those of almost 30 thousand pesos with a removable crystal chain.

As we know, the vintage style is more in trend every day not only in clothing, but also in accessories, shoes, furniture, interior decoration and other areas, so many brands go retro to create nostalgia.

Maribel Guardia wears dirty Gucci tennis shoes for almost 30 thousand pesos. Photo: Instagram

It was in 2019 when Gucci presented in its spring summer collection a line of sneakers with a ‘dirty’ look very much in the style of the 70’s, these simulate wear and tear, but in reality they are new and it is only part of their finish.

Of course, this came to create controversy due to its cost, even so it is a shoe that has sold well, Maribel Guardia shows with this that it is not something exclusive to young people and that her income thanks to her work guarantee her expensive tastes.

Gucci’s ‘dirty’ sneakers.

In taste, genres are broken and in fashion more, the style was the cause of thousands of criticisms but this is precisely what gives the brand the most fame, the one that stands out for its unparalleled stamp on clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and more.

In general, these tennis shoes can be worn by men and women and their price ranges around 17 thousand Mexican pesos, but the special ones with a removable Art Deco GG crystal chain have a cost of 1,590 dollars, about 30 thousand pesos.

Maribel Guardia has been in the film, television and singing industry for years, staying current and with thousands of admirers who praise her beauty and simplicity with which she always shows herself in front of everyone.