Rosemary gel to keep your curls defined all day

Rosemary gel to keep your curls defined all day

Show off the trend of the moment with perfectly defined curls, keep them that way all day with this gel made from rosemary, easy and effective

Rosemary is one of the plants that par excellence has good properties for hair, such as accelerating growth, nourishing and adding shine to the hair fiber, in addition to preventing gray hair, if these benefits fascinated you then you will also like this home remedy that we share with you, in case you have curly hair.

A trend that is revolutionizing social networks, especially on Tik Tok, is curly hair that is worn in an Afro style but more defined. How do girls keep the perfect curl and look beautiful? To answer this question, suffice it to say that this gel helps a lot.

With a Rapunzel effect, which makes curls look hydrated and defined, this rosemary gel will be your favorite. The recipe to prepare it is very easy and effective, because the properties that rosemary provides will make the difference between curly hair that is looks burnt and one that looks like it just came out of the room.

This gel also contains flaxseed , a seed that balances the pH, regulates the sebum in our hair. Did you know that the production of sebum is one of the factors that influences the growth of your hair? That is why you should keep it as clean as possible if you have oily hair, rosemary will help you maintain the health of your scalp.

To make this rosemary gel you need
100 grams of rosemary leaves
2 glasses of water
200 ml of water
100 grams of flaxseed
Avocado oil

Rosemary gel to keep your curls defined all day. Photo: Pexels
Rosemary gel to keep your curls defined all day. Photo: Pexels

Heat the two glasses of water with the rosemary leaves , until it boils, remove from the heat and strain to remove all the leaves, then in a pot heat the flaxseeds with the 200 ml of water, let it boil again, you will notice how releases a kind of foam, remove from heat and strain.

Separately, pour the rosemary water and add the gel that came out of the preparation of the flaxseed, leave cooking for a few minutes and mix so that they integrate perfectly, turn off until you start to see a change in color , here you are going to add the avocado oil, mix and now let it cool.

Store in a jar and in the refrigerator for conservation, it lasts from one to two weeks, to use it, apply it from mid-lengths to ends like a normal gel and press your curls so that they are perfectly defined, you do not need to rinse.