At 23 he met the love of his life on Tinder, he is 56 and a billionaire

At 23 he met the love of his life on Tinder, he is 56 and a billionaire

Ladies and gentlemen, control your envy, this is true love, it is the fortune of a beautiful 23-year-old girl who met a pious 56-year-old man who loves her with all his heart

Old-school romance no longer applies today; serenades , chocolates, etc., all that has been forgotten, and what gained ground in its place? Sure, dating apps ; and this time a lucky lady met the love of her life on the famous Tinder app. Weird, no?

Tinder is the kind of option you have when you want to find something fast and hopefully be the prince of your dreams, and apparently that’s what happened to this 23-year-old who met a 56-year-old billionaire. years that he loves her with madness and unbridled passion .

Allana Luke is the name of the young woman who today lives happily in love , and contrary to the case of many other women, Tinder has been perfect for her to have emotional stability , because it was there that she met Jeff Winn in 2020, and from then on everything has been honey on flakes.

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During the second date in Marbella, Spain, Jeff gave Luke a very luxurious pair of diamond earrings for his birthday. Since that time both have remained together and well in love , and his trust in him was so great that he even went to live with Jeff, who by the way owns a newly remodeled castle.

On June 2 , this unique couple got engaged, but despite the good relationship they have, envy has come to light, as there are those who claim that he is only with Jeff out of interest, in addition to highlighting the enormous difference between age between the two; However, don’t they say that for love there is no age?

They say it could be my father and they accuse me of being with him for his fortune, "the young woman revealed.

And it is that according to what he says, he has always liked older men , since young men are generally more immature and without clear goals in life. “I decided to increase the age range on my Tinder because I was sick of immature guys. So I set it up for 25-60 year olds, and the next day I met him," Allana said.

For now, Allana has become Jeff’s personal assistant, but despite the fact that the girl has insisted on having a prenuptial agreement regarding the assets she has, Winn is also a lawyer and considers that this is not so necessary, in such a way that if one day their relationship ends, we can already get an idea of ​​why it was.