Sergio Basáñez At His 51 Most Handsome Than Ever Presents Gray Hair

Sergio Basáñez At His 51 Most Handsome Than Ever Presents Gray Hair

Sergio Basáñez is like good wines, and it is enough to see how he looks at 51 years old, the years have only added gallantry and he proudly boasts his gray hair.

Who didn’t fall in love with the leading man in "When You’re Mine" in 2001? And the fact is that this demeanor of the Mexican actor conquered anyone, but the years have passed and to the surprise of many, time has favored the crush of several, because Sergio Basáñez at 51 looks more handsome than ever and shows off his gray hair and beard , It’s like good wines, getting better and better!

His name dazzled on the small screen in great soap operas that were successful, his presence within the cast was a guarantee of rating, although in recent years he has been left behind because we have to give way to the new generation of actors, but he continues Having a lot of talent and elegance to contribute, Sergio Basáñez at 51 is more handsome than ever, he shows off his gray hair and beard.

Youth is no longer something that I enjoy, the glory days of the Veracruz actor have already passed, however, that is not why it has been forgotten, because his histrionic gifts still continue to gain relevance in melodramas, and most importantly, remains one of the favorites and most loved by the public, already with more than half a century of age, it continues to steal sighs.

Sergio Basanez
Sergio Basáñez at 51 more handsome than ever shows off his gray hair and beard. Photo: Instagram.

Sergio Basáñez has left his mark on the hearts of viewers thanks to his spectacular performances in soap operas that were successful, such as "When You Are Mía", "La Calle de las Novias", "La Heredera", "Catalina y Sebastián", even more recent titles such as "A Corazón Abierto", "Por Amar Sin Ley" and "La Desalmada", but without a doubt one of the most successful was "Amor En Custodia".

Just in this last mentioned project where he worked alongside Margarita Gralia, Andrés Palacios and Paola Núñez, he has been one of the most outstanding of his career, there he is remembered with long black hair and with Chinese, much younger, At just 35 years old, with strength and muscles that made him the rough and field crush of many of his fans.

However, the years have passed and like every human being, the signs of age are reflected in the physical, but Sergio Basáñez’s life has smiled in a spectacular way, because it seems that instead of adding years, he is perfectly maintained well preserved and they claim that he even looks better than in his youth, a man who arouses passions.

Sergio Basanez
Photo: Instagram.

Through his Instagram account, the actor constantly posts details of his day to day, but caused a stir with 2 pics that he shared where he appears with a black shirt, proudly showing his short hair full of gray hair and a closed beard also in shades gray, showing his more than half a century of life, in an image he comes out smiling showing his white teeth.

While in the other snapshot he appears serious, but with a look with which he melted more than one, so the compliments were not long in coming from his thousands of followers, who point out that they prefer it that way with their gray hair, Short hair with a beard, than when he was younger with his long hairless hair.

"But Aguirre, how handsome you have become", "You look so handsome, interesting and intelligent", "You cannot be so handsome every day", Beautiful thing, well done thing ", as well as these comments there were many more for the gallant that gave life to Juan Manuel Aguirre, in this way they confirm that Sergio Basáñez is like good wines and continues to be the public’s consent.