Signs That Prefer To Close Their Heart Until Further Notice

Signs That Prefer To Close Their Heart Until Further Notice

There are good people who, due to bad experiences, choose to temporarily close their hearts, they simply do not want to try again until they feel safe again, and it is not that they are cold, they are just vulnerable

There is a sad part in love and it is related to our way of acting, and that is that when we are children and we love for the first time, we give ourselves completely and get excited without even thinking that at any given moment we are going to suffer, and when this It happens, it hurts so much that the next time we decide to be more cautious, some even get defensive.

In today’s article we want to reveal to you the zodiac signs that prefer to close their hearts until the right moment, they are beings that like anyone else have suffered and do not want to show their best version to the world until they see that they are the right person.

And who can blame them? Many of us have done it, it is for our good, we no longer want to suffer anymore, however, a bad experience does not have to condemn your future, in the world there are good and bad people, and it is simply that you have not met someone who really worth it.

Capricorn: Few people are capable of perceiving that Capricorn is one of the kindest and most beloved signs, and it is that in the first instance, they show that they are demanding, hard-working and very strict, but it is a matter of trying them little by little so as not to get carried away by a wrong impression. In love they do not give themselves completely because they love to be ambitious, they have another approach and they apply themselves in it, however, when they fall in love they become super tender and detailed.

Bad experiences change our essence. Photo: Pexels

Virgo: Those born under the sign of Virgo are not very given to being vulnerable with others, they are kind by nature but they do not trust anyone; When they fall in love they do not like to walk with small things, they prefer to live on facts and not on fantasies, and they do not get too complicated either, in fact for them it is preferable that everything is more practical, without so much romanticism, however it changes once it has been struck , he becomes protective and clearly cares for his loved one.

Aries: They reject promises, they want action, to talk about realities, if you don’t convince them that this is true, they will not trust anyone and will close their doors, and it is a very suspicious sign; It is until they really notice that everything is going through the legal route that they decide to open up a little more in the relationship, and afterwards they are able to become totally passionate.

Unfortunately this has happened to many of us, we learned to love and then we felt the whips of contempt that led us to lock up our hearts until further notice, but there is always hope, one becomes more intelligent, more strategic and above all, empathic; We must never change our essence for the worse.