Stephanie Gomez, Becky G’s Sister Also Sings

Stephanie Gomez, Sister Of Becky G Also Sings

Becky G’s sister also sings and very well, which shows that these two girls share a great talent

Stephanie Gómez, Becky G’s sister , also sings, which is a sign that talent is something that is in the blood and they are the clear example, since they both have a great voice, although their styles are different.

Although the girl has a very good voice, at the moment she is not dedicated to music. Stephanie Gomez is just 16 years old and recently on the occasion of her birthday her sister dedicated an emotional message to her through her Instagram account.

It was precisely at that birthday celebration that we discovered that Becky’s little sister has a great talent, which until now had remained hidden.

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Happy Birthday @ iamstephig313 !! And that’s how our baby girl gets down with a Mariachi ♥ ️ she’s our little Beanzzz our little frijolito like her daddy says. She’s beyond her years ♥ ️ we love you ��

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Stephanie has an Instagram account, but she still has very few photos, however, one of her guests posted a video that revealed that she wastes talent and has a phenomenal voice.

In the video you can see Becky G’s sister singing the Mexican song "Cucurrucucú Paloma", which will be performed by great stars from the Mexican region, such as Lola Beltrán.

The young woman is accompanied by mariachi, that is, a style very different from that of her sister, who has become popular as a great reggeaton star. In the video you can see Becky cheering on her sister who left everyone impressed with her singing.

So it would not surprise us at all that, in one of those, both will dare to do a duet, why not? Becky recently revealed who inspired her for the song "Mayores" the theme that catapulted her to fame.