Stunning Kimberly Loaiza Wears New Look In Tight Dress

Stunning Kimberly Loaiza Wears New Look In Tight Dress

Kimberly Loaiza is back and she did it in an impressive way, she presented a change of look and she looks more beautiful than ever.

After being in quarantine for the delivery of her second child, the Biggest Cuteness is back, in a fitted colored dress Kimberly Loaiza shows off her change of look, in this way it also sets the tone for a new stage in her career and in her personal life, the interpreter is very happy for everything that has happened to her in recent weeks.

Although the rumors on social networks that she would retire for a long time to dedicate herself fully to the care of Kima Sofía and Juanito, all that has been settled, Kimberly Loaiza is back to continue creating music and content for her YouTube channel, she announced his return with an impressive makeover and dress fitted.

Juan de Dios Pantoja’s wife surprised her millions of followers by showing off a fresh and renewed image, the Lindura Mayor decided to undergo a few adjustments to her hair to shout her return, although this process has not been easy, as she has had than to leave their two children to return to their activities and continue generating fortune.

Kimberly loaiza
In a fitted colorful dress, Kimberly Loaiza shows off her makeover. Photo: Instagram.

On February 16, Kimberly Loaiza gave birth to her second child in Mexico City, joy once again flooded the Pantoja Loaiza family, for this reason the interpreter of "Do It!" She was absent from social networks for a bit, stopping creating content and sharing photos, all to dedicate herself fully to caring for the newborn Juanito and little Kima Sofía.

After moving away and his absence was very noticeable, several speculated that talking with Juan de Dios Pantoja, Kimberly Loaiza would withdraw completely to dedicate herself fully to her family, a situation that although it was not confirmed by either of the two influencers, already made sad her fans, but fortunately everything was left to rumors, the Lindura is already back.

Days ago Kim Loaiza shared a series of stories on her Instagram account where she can be seen in a beauty salon getting her hair done some retouching and she has finally shown the final result, leaving everyone surprised, because in this way she marks her long-awaited return and she did it shining and looking prettier than ever.

Kimberly Loaiza left her brown hair behind to give way to a much more blonde tone, she also left the wavy to give way to an impressive straight that makes her hair reach to the waist, but that is not all, because to the impact of many, Juan de Dios Pantoja’s wife also took the opportunity to boast that little by little she is recovering her figure after pregnancy.

With a colored tie dye style dress fitted above the knee, high round neck and long sleeves, Kim Loaiza fell in love with everyone, as she stressed that she is already recovering her measurements and that she looks spectacular, this casual dress decided to complement it with white tennis shoes leaving heels on the side, forming a great fresh, comfortable and youthful style.

The first to launch a compliment for Kim Loaiza’s change of look was Juan de Dios Pantoja, but he also highlighted the praise of the Sinaloan Jiapsi Yáñez, Gomita and Team Fénix, as well as the complete fandom of the Lindura Mayor and the interpreter of "Santa Paloma", they were delighted by the renewed and imposing image of the singer of "No Seas Celoso".