Kimberly Loaiza’s Unfiltered Face Exposed And She Responds

Kimberly Loaiza's Unfiltered Face Exposed And She Responds

Kimberly Loaiza has received all kinds of criticism for using the filters in her posts, videos and instagram stories

As many of the followers know, Kimberly Loaiza often uses filters to improve her skin tone and face and now the Wanders Lover published some photos without a filter that are giving a lot to talk about.

The unfiltered face of Kimberly Loaiza was exposed and she intelligently responded to all those people who criticize her, decided to take the photos of the Wanders Lover and share them on her Instagram stories from her secondary account, kimberly.loalzaa, where it has almost two million followers.

Some followers who have met Kimberly Loaiza in person assure that she is very short , that she is thin and that she has a pretty face, but on social networks the youtubers always use filters for her, her daughter Kima Sofía and her partner, Juan de Dios Pantoja.

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This is how Kimberly Loaiza looks without makeup

Recall that Kimberly Loaiza has shown herself without makeup in some of her videos published on her YouTube channel, where she has had plenty of criticism, to which she claims to be used to. Kimberly Loaiza looks very different without makeup.

This is how Kimberly Loaiza looks without makeup.

Surely the Wanders Lover never imagined everything that a couple of photos of Kimberly Loaiza would cause on her instagram account, but for better or for worse, more is known about this youtuber every day.

Not only does Kimberly Loaiza look different without makeup, let’s remember that all the famous women who have dared to reveal their true face on social networks have been harshly criticized and there have been few who really have a beautiful face.

They expose Kimberly Loaiza’s unfiltered face and she responds.

But for Kimberly Loaiza it has not been easy to keep 20 million Yputube happy, adding the 15 million followers of the biggest cutie on Instagram, they are more and more every day.

It is almost impossible that bad comments do not reach the wife of Juan de Dios Pantoja, who is now launching as a singer and for the first time in his history as a YouTuber will undertake a musical tour of some places in Mexico.