Water Spell To Desperately Seek You

Water Spell To Desperately Seek You

Doña gregoria, a youtube witch, tells you how to perform the water spell so that she desperately looks for you

This is one of the quickest and most effective spells to do, it is prepared at home with ease and you don’t have to do it at midnight. The spell of water to desperately seek you is done in faith.

THE MATERIAL : A photo of the person you want desperately to look for, a white candle, some red rose petals, some honey, a plate (which you are going to throw away) and a pen. Since you have all the elements. Look for an image of Saint Anthony of Padua, he is the saint of love.

Now, the spell of water also requires a crystal glass with water and in the comfort of your bedroom, you light the candle, you put your name and the person’s name on the back, place the ready photo in the center of the plate, you sprinkle it. honey and red rose petals on top.

Saint Anthony the saint of love.

Then you are going to read the following prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua.

Blessed Saint Anthony, the kindest of all saints,
your love for God and your charity for his creatures
made you worthy of miraculous powers.
With your words you helped those with problems or anxieties
and miracles happened through your intercession.
I implore you to obtain for me …

(mention that this man is desperately looking for you).

Gentle and dear saint, with your heart always full of human compassion, whisper my request to the sweet Child Jesus, who liked to be in your arms, and receive forever the gratitude of my heart. (Pray three of our fathers and three Hail Marys)

Water spell

Fill the glass of water, and you are going to drink half the water thinking that that person is looking for you. Imagine it. Then the other half, you leave it under your bed, the next day you drink it the same thinking about the person who is desperately looking for you.

At the end of the job, you collect everything, put it in a black bag and bury it. Just leave the glass under your bed because the next day you have to drink it.

Results are expected in 7 days.