Video This is how Melissa Ríos, a Hotspanish girlfriend, discovered that she was unfaithful

Video This is how Melissa Ríos, a Hotspanish girlfriend, discovered that she was unfaithful

Melissa Ríos, left him and returned to live with her parents after discovering that he was not the man she had imagined

Melissa Ríos, Roberto Gonzáles Manso’s girlfriend discovered him being unfaithful, the youtuber is better known as HotSpanish, he is an American of Mexican descent who was born in Jiquilpan Michoacan. He currently resides at The Vineyards Apartments, Westwood Drive, Gilroy, California, USA.

For more than three years, Melissa Ríos has been the girlfriend of HotSpanish , Roberto Gonzáles, as the young woman met him and with whom she fell in love, after a while of dating they decided to live together in Mexico.

"Hello babies in this video I would like to clarify several questions that you have asked me these days. I am going through difficult times but I thank you for your support for now!", He wrote accompanying the description of the video.

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VIDEO This is how HotSpanish’s girlfriend discovered that she was INFIDEL

But he said that while he was waiting to sleep, he decided to see some photos that tagged him on his social networks and in one of those Roberto (HotSpanish) came in a bed with two women.

Melissa Ríos decided to tell the whole truth in a YouTube video and said that she never thought she felt her heart break, because when she went to live together with Roberto, she still fell more in love with him, and that she never spoke about her personal life , but I wanted to make it clear that you still don’t know what you will do.

"I would like to go back in time and that none of this had happened, nobody likes to see the person you love with another person and I felt very bad when I saw him" he said in his video shared on the YouTube platform, Melissa Rios.

For its part, HotSpanish decided to clarify the things that were happening and the photo that was tagged with the other women that is not his girlfriend and said that the evidence is there, but that Melissa Ríos’ father does not want him to approach her and that now it is more difficult for them to get back together.

"I watered it friends, I watered it, I am human, I made mistakes, I am sad, it is a very difficult moment, I have to stop working," Roberto Gonzáles said in the video.

I am still in the United States trying to solve the problems, although she acknowledged that life is very expensive in California, she said that she does not want to be there, but that she does it to try to be close to her partner.