Spell With Strawberries To Make That Man Fall In Love With You More

Spell With Strawberries To Make That Man Fall In Love With You More

VIDEO: We present you one of the amazing spells that will help you make the man fall more in love with you

It is said that when a man begins to change abruptly it is because he is doing different things, and these can be from acquiring a job that demands overtime or he is seeing another woman . The spell with strawberries makes him only in love with you.

This spell with strawberries is powerful and helps him to fall in love more with you , if you see that your partner is being loving but from time to time he has actions that make you doubt a bit, this spell helps him not to be distracted with any other woman Do not be you.

Now, this spell also works for a woman, that is, it can also be practiced by a man who is not sure that his wife has eyes only for him. The expert Samara explains little by little everything you have to do through a video.

"This spell was taught and guided with the tips and supervision of Juliana the Queen of the Tarot".

Before doing it you should know that this spell is very easy and fast, the energies that are handled are very sensitive. It is not a domination spell.

Start by having a white paper, remove the edges trying to remove the corners, then you are going to write the name of the person you love three times. You must have a surname and date of birth, later you will write the request.

Then you are going to bless the request, for this you need lavender extract oil, you are going to add a little and you will put the paper crossing the paper from one side to the other. This petition is to be placed under a glass plate.

You need to light the white or red candle, but first you put a little oil to bless it in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, Amen! You put it in the middle of the plate and light it, you are going to put the fresh bay leaves around the candle.

You are also going to place a little coriander around it. Later you are going to put the strawberries, these should be five and they are placed around the candle. Then you will have to add pink or white roses.

You need to add some red carnation petals to it, this one is for dominance. and you repeat in the name of the father, of the son and of the holy spirit amen. Remember to always think about asking for the petition you wrote by saying the person’s name.

Then you are going to add quartz, whatever you can get, these are also put around the candle a little beryllium to reflect the good vibes. And you should put aside some incense.

Then you put it on an altar. It is very powerful and the results come too fast.

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